Build ‘Em Up – Part 3, Taking Care of Yourself

  Welcome back for Part 3 of the Build ‘Em Up Series! (Part 1 and Part 2).


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I called my best bud Katie this morning,

“Help! How do I write about this topic today,

when I’m still struggling?”

My warped mind immediately went to the physical state of my body. I have written about my frustration HERE and HERE with weight loss. She helped me think about this topic “TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF” in a much bigger way. Taking care of ME – is so much broader than that. It’s about my mental state, my spiritual well being, my emotional state and the physical.

Here are just a few thoughts of encouragement. I pray they will build you up and provide some thoughts to consider.


I always put the kids first and then it has been MONTHS before I get into the doctor. One day, I just determined that I felt awful. I sat down one morning and made about 5 doc appointments. I decided I was going to see every person out there and get every checkup needed to get answers and take care of my body. It takes planning and babysitters and money – but oh so worth it. I’m still in this process – going today actually to get blood work. I suspect they are going to say gluten free for my headaches. Ugh.


For me, I will not workout or read my Bible regularly or finish a book without accountability. I’m in a mentor group, text daily with friends about quiet times and have other accountability around working out (sometimesJ). It has worked for me.


What goes in – comes out. I used to watch a TON of trash TV (and I still watch some) – but I am now just craving books and sermons. I want to simply grow. What comes in your brain and heart – comes out.


 Yes, I agree that we are moms and this is our job. I also find it extremely wise for all moms to be alone at some point during the week. Hire a babysitter or trade with a friend for a grocery trip alone – a walk through the park or anything. It is a game-changer.

As I think about these precious girls, I can’t think of anything more important. I want to be a mom that brings healthy food onto their plate and models those decisions for them. I want to be a mom that doesn’t just talk about this verse – she lives it.


The most beautiful women I know are so focused on others. They are not consumed all day with themselves. They have a healthy, simple routine of taking care of themselves and then pouring their hearts and lives into others. That’s my goal and I hope one day – it’s just a part of who I am.

Lastly, as we look left and look right and crush ourselves with the comparisons. I just urge ME and urge YOU to see what God has to say about us! You can look in Romans in the first chapters to read so much of this. You are a child of God – uniquely gifted and made in His image. You may not be ready for a cover shoot today – but nobody is –I t’s all airbrushed. Let’s rest in the fact that our words and actions and choices we make say way more about our beauty then any pinterest outfit we could ever pull out of the closet.

Be you today and hold your head high.


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