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Circle Of Friends by Hendersons

Oohhhh….. I have a treat for you today.

This post is what I dreamed of for the blog.

When I sat up late at night almost a YEAR ago and wondered WHAT IF…


I thought, WHAT IF there are other moms like me that yearn for their kids to know Jesus and be little lights in this world.

WHAT IF we all had a place to go and chat and compare and share ideas.

WHAT IF our kids could THE ONES that lead ministries and movements.

WHAT IF our kids could understand generosity, kindness and love so early…

that it was just at the core of their soul.


Or, WHAT IF they were just so stinkin sweet and turned heads

because they were







because they had a Savior in their heart

and moms/dads dedicated to teaching them and modeling

some of life’s most important principles in a FUN and memorable way!

So, YES… I’m a dreamer.

I dreamed of a blog where we could talk about these topics.

And hear from people like

Jeff & Wendy Henderson


Jeff and I worked together at Chick-fil-A until God kept so rudely ripped him away from sobbing friends 🙂 into ministry at North Point Ministries and he quickly became named the Campus Pastor of Buckhead Church. He was my pastor and my friend. And, still is one of my biggest encouragers. He is now the campus pastor of Gwinnett Church. The dude can preach like none other… well Andy’s alright…:). Many of his messages are the reason I am where I am today.

Wendy… she um, makes Jeff cool (and light up) and fixes everything in their home. She is the FUNNIEST human I know. Really, like makes you laugh out loud within minutes everytime. (Oh, Wendy, I’m giggling thinking of our last encounter.) She is REAL as you can get. These two have ZERO egos and humility combusting out of the tops of their heads. They adore Jesus and their precious kids and changing lives around them. They would rather me post this idea and never mention their names. They just have zilcho care in the world to be known. Inspiring. I stalked them when they were in town at the recent Chick-fil-A annual conference (yes, he quit – but he was asked to speak at the event.)

So, I begged them for an “interview” and we informally chatted and giggled. They were gracious as usual, even at midnight. We talked about what’s making a difference in their home and what they would want to share with you.

This was the big thing that came up and they are so sweet to share! I LOVE IT!!! Totally planning to borrow.


Wendy does


with her 12-year-old daughter 

It’s a group of girls that meets MONTHLY WITH THEIR MOMS.

Essentially like a Bible study or book club, but way cooler.

Outside speakers are arranged for each topic (or moms can be presenters).

Here are the insanley amazing topics they are covering:

Greed/entitlement contrasted with giving/stewardship


Conflict/Believing the best in your friends/speaking truth in love

Time alone with God (Be still and know that I am God)


Gossip/godless chatter

Your identity in Christ

Servant’s heart

Modesty/respecting your body/true beauty

Healthy habits

Wendy said this is working so well for them to keep dialing in right influences and friends in her lives.

Making sure all the girls are on the same page and having the same discussions.

They have a chance to bring up tough topics together while the moms are present for questions.

And, this year the added benefit of outsides speakers are taking it up a notch.

NOTE: This idea came from rock star North Point employee Lauren Espy – she learned from a family in Dallas.

I LOVE THIS! Filing away for later! Go Wendy!

Andy’s entire series called Parental Guidance is so great.

Jeff/Wendy suggested that any of you try to go through that alone, with a spouse or with a small group. Just great material in there for parents. It talks about this issue of dialing in the right influences in their lives. And dialing out the wrong ones.


They had other great things to say… and I’m certain I wrote it down.

And, when I find those notes stuck to a folder with syrup.

I will do another post.

Love, the most frazzled, hair-brained blogger idiot on the planet


There is a “boy” version of this called Champions Club that Chick-fil-A VP started with his son inspired by author Tim Elmore.

I am getting more information for you ASAP. It is awesome. Stay tuned.

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