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Clean Slate Club – GO VISUAL

 From my own experience and every leadership book will tell you, goals have to be written and somewhere FRONT and CENTER in your life.

The Clean Slate Club is free and has great potential for all of us.


Let’s face it – this stuff is TOUGH when daily routines set in.

I suggest getting it front and center. Here are a few ideas.



I stumbled across this sign and blog and I LOVE.

Once I determined they are involved in AthensChurch (same family as our church) – we are now buds officially.

What a cute family. Most importantly, what a great product – The Family Rules sign!

You can order by the link on the RIGHT SIDE OF THEIR BLOG.

SECONDLY, Ashley Eiler of Blessed Be The Name has been such an inspiration to me the last several years.

Although we were sorority sisters at Auburn, I’ve been actively stalking her blog since 2008.

 goals pic

This photo goes back to 2008 when she helped me get motivated about running. Thanks Ash.

Her idea of BATHROOM MIRROR GOALS in eyeliner is super smart and super effective.


 I also find the fridge a great place because we are all in and out of there 100 times a day.

If you’re a crafty mom, there’s 100 ways to create your own to display in your home.

Or simply a printout in your planner or in your Bible.

1. Have the Clean Slate Club discussion with these GUIDE.

2. Get them front and center.

 3.  Give yourself grace.

   You’re a great mom. You really are.


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