Clean Slate Club

 Just like anything else on this blog. It starts with something I need, and I figure one of you can use it.

So, PLEASE do not add another thing to your plate if this isn’t useful.

As you will see, I am promoting LESS in 2012.

Which is funny because I put a new idea, facebook status or post up about every 12 seconds.

OK, so if you haven’t he heard, I am moving to Orlando. You can read the dramatic saga here. Instead of focusing on the sadness, I looking to one of the bright things today.

I get to wipe the slate clean.I get to start fresh, but so can you!

I get to decide how many relationships I have and how many activities my kids will do. I get to decide what our schedules will be and how NOT packed they will be.

I am so overjoyed to wipe the slate clean from some total CRAP I did in 2011 that trickled down and affected my family.

So, welcome to the Clean Slate Club.

(Free printable document at the end – if you read yet another long post.)


I’m ready to wipe a few things clean this year, are you?

I want to wipe off this…


And this…


And this…


And this…


Your list might look different. You might want to wipe clean “being catty with friends,” or “coveting what others have” or “serving because I have to not because I want to” or “not respecting my husband” or “working too much” or “letting body image control my world” or “lack of self-control” etc.

Now, let’s be realistic. Like any “new year” plans or goals. Some of those beasts are hard to tame but I think we have to try.

Do you feel like there are many days YOUR KIDS are actually running the house and we are just running around trying to keep up?

Do you feel like you are one deep breath away from losing your mind? Or is it just me?

I’m tired of feeling like that – and I’m ready to link arms with my husband and do the hard work it takes to …


All of this is what I am facing – but what does it look like for you? What would be on your plate that you’d like to wipe clean?

I haven’t written any books. I am not an expert. I am mom of young kids that is crazy about the Lord and I’ll do just about anything to do my very best on this earth and encourage others. I don’t have it figured out. This is just one girl’s opinion.

Ron and I had time at the lake over Christmas to walk through our situation.

I am suggesting that you get a DATE NIGHT

planned over the next 2 weeks and

use the CLEAN SLATE CLUB PLAN as your guide!

Then, out of that date, you could walk away with your Family Mission/Values.


And, your personal goals for each of you.


This isn’t giving your more to do. I am praying it will give each of us confidence that WE CAN run our homes with purpose. AND, FOCUS! A FILTER!

If we get 193 requests and ideas daily – how do we filter what is right for us and our family? There is a lot of GOOD things even in ministry, but not necessarily GREAT for us.

I am human and I am not even going to pretend that 2012 will be perfect – but I am hoping that these goals will give me the focus that I need.

Will you join me in the Clean Slate Club?


Take time with the Clean Slate Club Plan, single or married.

 That’s all you have to do to join.

We moms are crazy busy and we can want to accomplish the world.

We love our kids and we want the best for them.

We want the Pinterest-style homes and the Facebook lives our friends claim to live.

It’s just not reality.

We have a little bit of time on this earth and limited time, money and energy.

Let’s give our precious God and families our very best in 2012.

I am excited for my slates to look like this…






Photos fuzzy because one mom left camera too close to edge of desk and darling 2-year-old tossed it.

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