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Cleaning House Giveaway

If you haven’t figure out…. I am confident in my strengths.

I am also pretty aware of the weaknesses –

holy crap we are slobs!

I read a book, or crunch another cheerio under my toes and SNAP! I start marching around and proclaiming, “That’s it! It’s a new day! Starting MONDAY this family is going to clean up. Every day. We are each going to take RESPONSIBILITY…. etc etc….”

And, my loved ones scurry around with fear in their eyes – and then a glazed look, “we’ve heard THIS before.”

And they are right. I’m not consistent.

I am creative. And I love learning from others.

So, we’ll try this for a bit.

Then, right now we are doing this – they get a ticket for doing 4 things in the morning (dressed, brush teeth/hair, make bed, put up breakfast).

Then, 10 tickets equals one thing at the dollar store. It’s working for Ella. Lars has her mother’s MAD lazy bone. Friend Amy taught me this idea.

Then, I’ll get on the generosty kick and disgust of how much we have – and they do actually get that and sweet things will give away many of their toys.

And, THEN EVERY SO OFTEN – IT’S LIKE MAGIC…. I see a tiny glimpse of the point!

I see little girls….







Oh look! They are enjoying laundry folding, Really!

On our UNMADE BED! Ha!

I am so crazy about the book Cleaning House for many reasons.

I love Kay – who is insanely brilliant, mother of 5, former White House worker, friend and lover of Jesus Christ. I love her raw tales of these same battles.

I love that she admits she is an ENABLER much like me.

I absolutely love that she describes what youth entitlement looks like in homes all over America. She doesn’t just give tips to band-aid the issues – she provides real solutions that extend well into their adult lives.

Our sweet little ones need to learn independence and confidence and responsibility.

This truly isn’t a guilt post. It’s much about me and our home.

I am also reminded of the amazing privilege of being a mom. The weight of it. This isn’t day care. This is a full-time job to raise productive adults. Christ followers. Supportive wives. The best babysitters in the neighborhood. Polite house guests. Capable college roomates. Contributors. Leaders.

I get to pick Kay up tomorrow from the airport and I could just explode.

I feel like the SUPER NANNY of chores and responsibility is coming to my home and I might pay her to have a smack down with our family.

If you made it this far, you get to


by commenting on what works in your home

List the ages of your kids and what they are required to do daily?

Or, how are you teaching them to be independent litlte humans?

Or what is your desire as they grow older if you haven’t started this yet?

Contest ends this Friday at midnight

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