Conversation Cups are Coming!


Eek!!!! I can finally tell you a GIANT secret. The entire time I have been working on my book, I have been working on another baby of mine. Unfortunately, I had to keep it secret. You can imagine why.

My desire from the beginning of Lil Light O’ Mine, was to give you a line of products that empowers YOU as a mom (or dad or mentor or grandmom) and also changes little lives.

Thanks to my precious friend Cabell Sweeney – we are making that happen together.



We have a new LINE together!

It is called Light ‘Em Up Gifts. Manufactured by our friends at at Magnolia Lane Collection.




ABC Scripture Cards are a part of that line.

And now, Conversation Cups!

Cabell is half of the amazing team behind Cabell’s Designs. She and Susan Peterson have been instrumental in my life and I am grateful. We all three STRONGLY believe in making meaningful products for you and your loved ones. We all three STRONGLY believe in making gifts that give back in some way – to organizations like Karama Gifts.

If you walk through the gift market in Atlanta or New York, we don’t need more stuff. We need items that will make our jobs easier. That will help build traditions and memories. That will get to the heart of our children and the relationships most important in our lives.



We have MANY more items in the planning phases and we ask for your patience. Since we produce for the masses, it isn’t as easy as just uploading a new idea and taking orders. We plan and produce thousands ahead of time. Just know, we don’t have your money on our minds – we have your hearts and your homes. And we are planning carefully – quality over quantity.



When Can I Get Conversation Cups?

They are coming! They are on the way, but not in time for Christmas.  I wanted you to know AHEAD of the Atlanta Gift Show in early January so you can spread the word to your favorite stores. And be the first to know – because you have been so loyal!

There are thousands of local home and gift stores that come through our space (Darrah Showroom, Magnolia Lane, Floor 18, Building 2) and we would LOVE to meet them and take their order. Alert your favorite stores to this new item by sending them this post.



I will BLOW UP social media as soon as they hit stores (online and retail) – likely end of January or early February. You can also sign up for this email list right here. I won’t email you anything else here except updates on Conversation Cups. Retailers or consumers – just enter your information here. I’ll alert you as soon as they are in for orders.

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Tell me more about the cups!

Conversation Cups will set your table with a new family tradition! They’re serving up questions that spark laughter, conversation and connection. Declare a No Phone Zone and unplug to plug in.

Set of four identical, 16 oz glasses. Price: TBD

Look for more family fun from Light ‘Em Up Gifts that nurture hearts and make memories.



On a sentimental, sappy note…

Do you even KNOW what this does for my heart? To imagine the conversations that will happen. As I get photos of the pallets and pallets of cups – my heart pounds. I believe in you. I believe in mealtimes. I believe in what God can do through a simple cup. I believe in families and small groups and teen groups. When we give each other a chance to just share our hearts in safe place. Praying that Conversation Cups will spark something bigger than I can even imagine.


Few hilarious details.
Our family is on the packaging – here’s a “non professional photo sneak peak.” It makes me laugh out loud because I just know details like Ron acting like Zoolander. Larson basically asleep on Benadryl and me sweating through my  jean jacket. But we giggled. We sure did. And we sure did borrow Dusty Milner’s house bc I like her table more than mine.


THANK YOU to my precious friend Jennifer Stelly of Jennifer Stelly Photography for taking these photos. She’s in Orlando guys and extremely talented for your family or business photo needs.



I am fired up. Does this mean I have to start cooking dinner?

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  1. Court, you are such a BLESSING to me and so many people!! I’m so fortunate to know you and to experience everything you are doing!! I LOVE YOUR HEART!! Thank you for your obedience to our creator!!! We are all blessed because of your faithfulness in doing what you were called to do…so exciting!! The photos of you and your family are precious!!

  2. I know I’ll be giving these to my sister, my brother, and a couple friends – I love questions like these! If they don’t use them with their families, they can count on using them with me when I visit their homes!! Your creativity is a blessing, Courtney!!

  3. I somehow got lucky enough to get a cup. A friend of mine received a set snd gave one to me. I immediately put it in the center of our table with a vase of flowers. That night we picked “What are you thankful for?” to discuss. My 4 yr old’s answer shocked me. She said “I am thankful that you guys are here and not dead!” I was shocked. Didn’t know that she knew that kind of depth of feeling. All that to say thank you for creating such an awesome addition to our family.

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