It’s COOL to be KIND!

IMG_0672Happy Monday beautiful mommas. I have TWO easy peasy ideas you are going to love that teach kindness to those little ones.


Idea #1 – Easy DIY Fans

First, as as part of my Light ‘Em Up SUMMER SERIES (25 Ways to Show Kindness This Summer) – you can create fans with your kids. That’s right – good ole fans to cool off your community with kindness.

I just love getting my kids to switch on a radar for others. Drive around town and see that others are hot, other are working hard and others are serving us so well and we can help! Or, just make some neighbors smile that are in need of a fan while outside doing yard work or at the pool.



Ruth of Living Well Spending Less invited me to share this idea with her readers TODAY with her fun summer series. Eek! Excited.



So, hop on over to get all the details. The instructions. The printables. And more fun photos!


If you’re visiting from Living Well Spending Less – welcome! So happy to meet you.


Download all 25 Ideas for Light ‘Em Up here!

light em up summer logo Light Em Up_Ice Cream Wrappers 1

Enjoy the lollipop tags, drink tags, ice cream wrappers and more RIGHT HERE!


Sweet story. After we used our fans. We had one left over. And Ella asked if she could have it. I said, “Sure!” And she sheepishly handed it back to me with a hug. It was for me. I’ll save it forever. 


Idea #2 – Backpacks For Others

I love God’s timing. We JUST went last night to get our school supplies. And I felt a little unsettled that my girls just basically toss in whatever they want off the list. Four of this, three of this – we just get it. So grateful.


Then, the very next morning my church flashed up a goal “Collecting 400 backpacks for the Backpack Drive“!

Yes! That’s it. There is something we can do – something small, but not so small. So, we headed back out today to have my kids experience generosity in a tangible way. To be reminded that things like backpacks and school supplies are a privilege and we are so very grateful. To remind them that others are in need. And we can help. We can get a backpack, actually two. And fill it with supplies.

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 11.21.53 AM

And even take it a step further.

  • Let’s say a prayer for the girls that might get these backpacks – for their year, for their families.
  • Let’s sneak in some notes and encourage those girls.
  • Let’s spread the word and maybe help our church get MORE than the goal – how about 500, ORLANDO?
  • Let’s use our voice and challenge YOU!

Could you donate a backpack (if you are not in Orlando) to an organization in your town?

Or, fill one up a backpack with school supplies (for the grade of your child) and include love notes and leave at the front desk of your school? I guarantee your administration will meet a family that could use it.


Get This!

I already wrote everything above before we even left for the trip for the backpacks and GET THIS!

We filled our supplies and had the girls pick out one for a kindergarten girl in mind and one for a second grade girl in mind. We had fun filling them up and headed to checkout.



Of all the checkout lines, we encountered the sweetest Target employee. She was quite enamored with the girl’s choices of bags. And was so excited for them. She kept commenting and thinking they were for THEM for school. I finally said, “oh, no – they aren’t for them. We are giving them away.” And I looked away. She jumped on this conversation and wanted to know more so I told her about the church’s backpack drive.

Then, the tears began.

I looked up and she had tears in her eyes. She said, “That was me. I had 5 kids and I couldn’t get them backpacks.” And she looked away and was crying more. I started crying. We hugged. She continued, “Thank you. Really, thank you. This matters.”

You guys!!! What are the odds?!?!

I don’t think this happened just so I’d feel awesome or you would think that. I think it happened so I could remind you that God is incredible and backpacks matter.


He is real and he is moving. By far, my most fulfilling trip to Target…. ever.

We came home and stuffed the bag with notes from our family. And went to sleep with really full hearts.

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  1. Absolutely adorable! Like over the top precious! Can’t wait to make these and pass them out around our hood. Thank you Courtney!

  2. Thanks for the idea, I will be doing this daughter who will be starting Kindergarten this fall, I just looked online and there is a backpack drive in our area to donate supplies.

  3. Browns Bridge Community Church is doing the same backpack drive. I just bought my supplies yesterday. Thanks for the idea of including a note for the recipient!!

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