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Hey friends!

I want to invite you to a really fun night. If we haven’t met yet – I’d LOVE for you to come to this event in the DFW area. It’ll be worth the drive if you aren’t in the center of Dallas. Promise!

Will you do me a favor and send this event to your friends – if you don’t live here and think it’s something they would enjoy?

How did this come about?

Well, Melanie Dale has become a friend of mine over the last couple of years. We have cried together and laughed our heads off.


She is so very hilarious and an author of two fantastic books (Women are Scary and It’s Not Fair).


This latest one is called “It’s Not Fair” and check out this subtitle – learning to love the life you didn’t choose. Haven’t we all felt that?


There are some of you – facing cancer or losing a child, going through divorce, or in the middle of a flooded house. You understand the message of “It’s Not Fair” and could’ve probably written it yourself. You will relate to her moments of questioning God and comparing herself to others. She’s comical and then snotting tears. She’s insightful and real. You’ll love her.


I will be honest – I have felt guilty about my seemingly “small” struggles when I compare them to others. If I’m really honest, I have also had moments where I have thought “it’s not fair” too. For example, I have had a great attitude about moving states twice and then moments when I was truly ticked at God. “WHY do you take me from people I love so much? It’s not fair!” Then, I feel bad for whining and thanking Him that they are live.

You see – pain is pain. Melanie will address a topic that goes from the smallest struggle to the most painful – we all face it daily.

The night is a giant mix of fun. I’ll be there with Kay Wyma and Heather from God Centered Mom and the other girls from the Say Something Show.

The night will include:

  • Remarks from Melanie
  • Q&A time from you guys
  • Say Something interview – we’ll interview her and tape it to air later (no, we won’t film you – unless you want us to)
  • Book signing timedefeo-quoteAnd who doesn’t want to go wander around a Barnes and Noble with some girlfriends, laugh and cry some, grab a warm cup of decaf and feel normal for an evening.

Just come.

HERE’s THE INVITE on Facebook

  1. RSVP (it’s free) on the Facebook event page
  2. Come at the last minute too – we don’t care
  3. Share with your friends that close to Dallas 0r road trip from FL, that’s cool too
  4. Quickly – get a sitter, reserve that husband – it’s TUESDAY!

More about Melanie and It’s Not Fair.


AND PS… if the weather does not drop below 100 degrees before next Tuesday – I am in a full Fall weather revolt. I’m going to sweat bullets in my fall ensembles. It’s not fair that people are rocking boots somewhere in the world and my pits smell.

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