Defining Beauty


Beauty is such a touchy subject in the world of women. It brings up our defenses, stirs up our deepest wounds and often launches our quickest judgements.

I posted pics on social media of my sweet Ella participating in the Miss Florida pageant earlier this week.  I had this feeling a few of you were scratching your head. Probably surprised at the scenario. No one emailed me or said anything – my hunch was that it just needs some explaining.


The truth is behind every crown, every pageant, every girl shopping in Target, every little girl, every mom and every grandmother – there is a story. We often don’t even know the story of those we admire or even judge. Each little girl wondering if she is just quite pretty enough. The book Captivating does an amazing job of explaining WHY we were made this way. I believe God desires to answer that question for all of us.

My girls have and will question the way they were made – and I will keep pointing them back to their creator. The one who made them in His image.


I am so so delighted to be a guest writer today on Courtney’s blog, Blessed By Brenna. Sharing on this very topic. Beauty.


Here’s a little excerpt.

Nothing in my life has made me feel more beautiful – than when God uses me to love and serve others. I want my girls to feel that now. So, I am inviting them to the game now. They don’t need to be out of college before they realize they were made for a purpose. So, we feed homeless, we do random acts of kindness, we pray for friends and more. We are focused on doing beautiful things for God’s glory not looking so beautiful that we get the glory.

Read the rest at Blessed by Brenna.


Each contestant in the Miss Florida pageant is able to walk with a princess in the evening gown portion – this simply means Ella is getting dressed up this week and wearing a crown and feeling like royalty. She’s not competing or doing anything other than having an absolute blast with a precious soul.



She is walking the stage with a dear friend that we love and support, Miss Kelsey Beck. I met her through her sweet sister Kristen and her mom Barbara Beck (Miss Florida 1971 and host of Good Life).




We are involved this week for one big reason – her name is Kelsey Beck. We are there supporting her. We think if there is one girl that is going to carry that title and walk into schools over the next year – it should be her. She embodies so much of what I describe to my girls. You can work hard in all areas of your life – and use it all to influence others for good. A Harvard grad, scholarship athlete, classical pianist, strong faith, heart for serving others in many areas – to name a few.
We head back down there tomorrow for a fun dinner and the finals night. Win or lose, Kelsey,  you are a true beauty and glad Ella gets to be mentored by you this week.
The two jumping bed photos – was when I told them we could stay the night (it’s happening in St Pete) – they were beside themselves to stay in a hotel.


Has anyone told you you’re beautiful today? I think you are!

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  1. Love this court! Great post. So thankful for the precious family god has brought into your life. You my friend are so beautiful inside and out. Love you!

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