Don’t have a team? I can be your team.


I have a passion for helping other women reach their goals. And to accomplish the things God is putting on their heart. I get so many sweet emails wanting advice and counsel – from marketing to products to speaking to blogging. I CERTAINLY don’t know it all – there are best-selling authors and expert bloggers that have conferences for just that. I can point you to one of them! Here are a few.


However, some of you really want to connect directly with me and there is only one problem. Capacity. I want to give this a try! I know what it’s like to work by yourself (or with kids at your feet) and wish you had a team. I want to be on your team.


For the last three years, I have been taking as many calls as I can for free. Because SO MANY of you helped me. I am going to choose THREE more people for FREE conference calls. We can talk through your idea, your site, your marketing or your book.

How to enter?

Send me a message through CONTACT and mention COURT CONF CALLS. I will pick three as giveaways from that list.

Then, after those calls are done, I will start taking paid appointments (can only do a couple per week) and I will need to charge a fee. My consulting fee is $125 for the hour. Here is what you’ll get with that.

– 1-hour conference call to discuss whatever business or ministry needs you have

– Immediate feedback on the call

– Before the call, I will spend 15-30 minutes reviewing your site or dilemma so I am prepared

– After the call, I will send you a one-page document with recommendations

What is required of you?

– I will have you fill out a one-page questionnaire so we can focus our time – one hour goes quick


If it’s a simple question that doesn’t need a conference call, I will of course answer you back as quickly as possible at no charge. Give me grace – email is a beast.


I am interested, what now?

Go ahead and send in your request through the CONTACT page. I will email you an invoice, the questionnaire and set up a time for our conference call. I will explore a podcast that is more affordable later – but for right now, I find it most effective one on one.


Here’s what I know and what I have experienced. God is working. If the project or book or business is from Him and for Him – He is working on your behalf. Does it require our work? Sure thing. We can’t sit back.

But you can trust that He will move mountains to get His name to others through your project. I had NOTHING to do with this LifeWay cover and can only point to God when things like this happen. Still a little shaky from getting this news this weekend. So fun seeing years of your heart and passion for scripture in homes – get to MANY more families.



Be encouraged. Don’t give up on dreams He placed on your heart. Even if you don’t have all the skills to get it done. I sure don’t.

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  1. How awesome! I will definitely hire you when I move forward with some other projects on my mind 🙂 (and I probably owe you lots for back-payments, ha!)
    And if you ever want to write an ebook on whatever topic, I’d love to help/partner/edit/whatever with you 🙂
    PS CONGRATS on the Lifeway cover!!

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