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Dressing Little Girls – Part 1

I interrupt this faith-filled blog for a couple days for something very unimportant… dressing little girls. I guess in summer it’s good for the blog to even take a chill pill. Relax a little.

So, nothing to do here – nothing to ponder on. Nothing life-threatening or virtue-focused. Just mindless banter on something that gives me a little joy. Ok, a lot. At times, a sinful addiction.

NOTE: I had to DIG way back for these photos because they are starting to win the wardrobe decisions. When they were little, I got to choose each matching ensemble. Now, I just care about getting out the door.

Also remember that 90% of the time we are dressed like dirt balls and mismatched nonsense.


My Favorite Things in a Little Girl’s Closet



1. Something Old

My mom kept many of my outfits from childhood and I sure do love when they wear something that was mine like this little ensemble.


2. Ruffled Socks

Nothing sweeter than a good ruffled sock. Target currently has my favorite one that doesn’t get all bunched up. Looks like the photo below. They are both starting to veto them… because ankle socks are cool.





3. The White Sweater

Nothing sweeter. Hanna Anderrson has a great one that holds up for years. Or, Old Navy or Gap or anywhere really will have a basic white sweater that just makes every little shorts outfit or dress say prepster or southern.


4. Boots

The rain boot, the cowboy boot, any boot. I love a kid in boots. If it hits below 70 in Florida – we are wearing a boot. If there is a party and the theme loosely relates to a western – boots. If it sprinkles, boots.


5. Something Smocked

I love a smocked outfit. I sure do. I don’t love the cost. You can find great deals. Shrimp and Grits Kids has great sales on smocked stuff. Where do you get your smocked outfits on sale? Mine are anti-smocked now. I think I can get away with a bit longer with Larson. Ella says no way.


6. Red, White and Blue Gear

Every year, I am laser beam on finding the perfecto red/white/blue outfit(s) and bathing suits. I love it for Memorial Day, July 4th and the entire summer. It’s just happy and I love how it screams summer – not to mention the USA!


7. Bows in back

Shirts that tie, dresses, etc – anything that ties with a giant bow is going to find its way home with me. There is only a short time they are little girls. In a FLASH they are like little teens begging for short shorts and graphic tees. I will tie big ole bows on the back of them for as long as they will let me.


8. Peter Pan Collar

The peter pan collar. I’m obsessed. It makes any dress just pure sweetness and “not itchy”. I think I have one in short-sleeves and long-sleeves and every size. This is one that I try to get from a nice place or boutique because I know it will get passed down and worn often. They are wearing several of mine from when I was little.

Ella's Candy Shop - 766



9. Red Shoes

A bright red shoe – come on. Cuteness award. Larson just got these red sandals from Target. I love red chucks for girls and boys. Red mary janes make me want to hug random children – at Christmas or any time of the year.

10280-65103-p 15067036_201404070936

10. Anything large on their head – bow, headband, flower

We are southern, I know. But I do love something on their head. I also love messy pigtails and braids. I love little girls and dressing them. That’s all.

View More: http://aleamoore.pass.us/defeofamily


Thanks for letting me reflect on a list so important this early June. Carry on.


Off to make some lists for the summer. A Lil Light O’ Mine mom just stopped by and suggested these lists:

-Things you can do on your own (quiet time in room, journal, summer homework, read, color, etc.)

-Things you can do together (make believe anything, play outside, ride bikes, etc.)

-Things we can do together (swim, board game, puzzles, journals, etc.)

-Things you can do IF you ever say you’re bored (wipe the base boards, organize the pantry, etc)



What are your favorite things in your girls’ closets?


come back for Part 2…

My 10 Favorite Little Girl Brands


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    1. i can’t believe monogrammed didn’t make the list. i guess because every time i pulled down something for larson and it couldn’t be worn bc it had ella’s monogram, i was bummed. i sure do love the look. and do it more sparingly now.

  1. I also love buying clothes for my almost 5 year daughter, up to this point she lets me pick out her outfits which is so much fun. I know that will be changing soon. I am big Gymboree fan with matching shirt and leggings combinations. My daughter has short legs and doesn’t like jeans much so there many pairs of colorful leggings that make up her wardrobe.

      1. The sales are great, I usually have 20 % coupon from Parents magazine & my Gymboree Visa which also gives 5% off so I can get some great deals.

  2. Oh i love all of these!!! And I have to tell you, after seeing your post on Instagram, my oldest daughter and I did a diaper dash. It was so much fun. We laughed so hard together.

  3. Love this! I’m having our first girl after two boys and am looking forward to the next post!!

  4. Oh I Love this! We love bonnets! I wore them my babies all wear them, nothing sweeter! And I love when my babies wear things that were mine. So so sweet.

  5. sometimes I think all my favorite blogs are Southern! I always giggle when you all post about kids clothes because we love and dislike completely opposite things! My girls have never worn most things on your list 🙂 Though we are all about red white and blue!

  6. I love this! My 6-yr-old asked for pink cowgirl boots and she wears them with lots of different things. We have more hair bows, flowers, etc than I can count.

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