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Dressing Little Girls – Part 2

If you missed the first one – start here with Dressing Little Girls – Part 1. That post covered my favorite things in a little girl’s closet. Now, let’s talk brands. I’d love to know your favorite brands too!

Here are some of mine, in no particular order. And please please remember – 80% of the time – mine are in mismatched, nonsense that they put together.

We aren’t always put together with matching ensembles. Pinky promise.


1. Hanna Andersson

As I look back over 7 years of buying baby clothes to big-girl clothes, I can safely say I’ve spent the most money here. And it has held up the best. Larson is wearing Ella’s old dresses and leggings from here – as well as bathing suits. And the color has not faded at all. http://www.hannaandersson.com/


I am also a HUGE fan of polka dots, stripes and all things bright. This brand is just happy and screams personality of happy girls. Love it.


They always have a “playdate” dress (above photo) which is perfecto all year round with short sleeves (summer as dress, spring just add leggings, winter just add a sweater or tights).


They always have a “twirl” dress which truly does twirl. Don’t forget to check out their BIG sales – they happen each season and the items go FAST.


2. Target & TJ Maxx/Marshalls

Target is consistently cute and a great price point. Unfortunately, I always find something fun there. I buy many items there, but they are for daily play. Not things I have in mind for passing down to sis.


I have inherited the gift TJ Maxx/Marshalls hunting skills from my mother. I can sift the joint in 10 minutes and come out with a jewel. Always a hidden jewel in there.




3. Old Navy/Gap

I’m a preppy, classic kind of girl – so I’m always drawn back to Old Navy and Gap. Larson loves any bright legging and any crazy patterned dress. I can take her there and let her pick things that I can handle and she’ll wear without a fight.

I also find those two stores a pretty good place for Ella. As she progressed past 5T and into those bigger sizes – I cringed. I didn’t want her dresses like a mini-mom or teen. You can still find some little girl tops and dresses if you look hard enough.



4. Favorite Laundry (and formerly Blessed Be the Name)

It’s a real big bummer that my friend Ashley closed the doors of Blessed Be the Name – truly some of my favorite outfits came from her line of clothes. Her store Favorite Laundry is still open under a different owner and she just confirmed with me that her patterns and precious fabrics are still coming out of that store. So, still check there. Cute, cute. Watch for sales on the Facebook page.



5. Kelly’s Kids (Ragsland, Chez Ami, etc)

OK. Confession time. When Ella was a baby – I was a crazy person (well, more than I am now). I went to WAY too many trunk shows by Ragsland, Chez Ami, Kelly’s Kids and spent way too much on clothes for them. And she would wear each outfit about once. And then barf on it.

These brands are precious and awesome. My overconsumption was not precious.



I finally realized that we don’t really go anywhere outside of the park and Publix most day.  And, much of it wasn’t being worn. And, so this year. I picked one.

I went to Kelly’s Kids. Bought these two precious outfits for them. And we are wearing them like crazy.




6. Shrimp & Grits Kids

I LOVE the look of smocked items – although my girls are getting too old for it. And, I have bought several things from Shrimp & Grits Kids. I believe their prices are more reasonable than many places. Great quality.



7. Consignment

I love finding boutique outfits at consignment prices. I found this outfit at Max & Marley in Winter Park and when the top didn’t fit Ella but the shorts did – I split it up. Two outfits!


8. Matilda Jane

Oh my matilda. I don’t think I’ve ever loved a line like this one. It’s so not cheap, but it’s the sweetest. I think I begged my mom for these outfits.  Again, one of those lines I can’t buy too often but the look fits the personalities of my girls. https://www.matildajaneclothing.com/


9. Monogrammed & Applique

Mine will occasionally let me get an appliqué or monogram on them – and my friend here in Orlando does a great job! Her shop is Alligator Applique on Facebook. Her name is Kayla – give her a shout!



10. Smockadot Kids

Julie is a new friend I’ve found here in Florida and part of the team behind Smockadot Kids. I am not an official customer yet – still lurking. Whoah cute stuff. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for Fall. I just love everything she posts. So, do 300K other people on Facebook. Whoah momma.





Other honorable mentions. The Land’s End section at Sears is adorable. Great stuff there.

Mini Boden and Garnet Hill Kids both make my heart leap, especially catalog day. I always see about 20 things I want and then it seems too much. So, I don’t. Then, I try to copy an outfit at Target or Old Navy. I did get one bathing suit from Garnet Hill Kids and you can’t beat the quality.



Learn from me, dressing little girls can become an obsession and a major budget situation. Certainly have fun, but don’t let it consume you or them. They are simply precious in the outfits they put together. Let them rock it out in boots, wild tights and a tiara and dirty shirt. You stand proud as a peacock that she is yours.

Ella never got one thing dirty. Larson will grab a sharpie and destroy anything that is expensive. So, I’m finally learning to get a couple things that are nice – but mostly let them play and realize clothes are needed for basic needs not for my personal enjoyment.

You see above – it was Larson’s birthday and I didn’t like her headband choice or shoe choice or Ella’s tight situation or length of dress. But do you know how excited they were to go into that store? So, I let it go as I should’ve. Let’s go baby girls. Have a blast. You look amazing. 



People look at the outward appearance, the Lord looks at the heart. I Samuel 16:7

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  1. Courtney – since you left Atlanta myself and a friend have started a new clothing line for little girls and it is (of course) my favorite! It’s called Smockingbird and you can check it out at http://www.SmockingbirdApparel.com. Hope you are enjoying life in Florida! We miss you at SMFUK 🙂

  2. Wow! We have very similar taste in girl clothes! thanks for clueing me in on a few more I didn’t know about. I also love the brand Tea. The clothes launder very well and can be worn by multiple siblings.

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