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Dust Your Blogs Off


Several of you have mentioned this to me… you’re in a blogging rut. I’ve been there, and that’s one of 300 reasons I dig my contributors. Or, maybe you’re just tied up with parenting and don’t have time to potty. That’s a legit excuse. If you do or don’t have a blog – this is for you. You can join us by reading or linking up.


Erin, the Blue-Eyed Bride, had this wonderful idea:


What if we worked together to build up moms and focus on the good? And break the misconception that sharing the good doesn’t equal perfect? And we invited many to join us?


build em up composite


So, “BUILD EM UP” was born. It’s simply a time when Erin, Kelly, Jennifer and I pick a topic near to our hearts to simply build up the women. AND, we invite you to join us.


1. Mark the topic/date on your calendar

2. Write about it. Your struggle, your tips, your successes – however it might help another mom or woman.

3. Come to one of our sites and “link up” on that day. It will make sense when you see it – a “link up” or linky is not hard – just copy and paste the URL of your blog post on the day of our Build Em Up days. You’ll see the others start doing it. Email with questions.

4. Communicate and get involved by commenting and bouncing around the other posts that go up that day. It’s fun!


If you are new here, here are some of the PREVIOUS POSTS ON BUILD EM UP. Did you know I have categories on the side? Just simply scroll to “Build Em Up” or “Raising Girls” or whatever fancies your interest and it should pull up what you need.

So.. we’re moving to once a month, first Tuesday.

Here’s the schedule.

build em up topics 2


I am SO EXCITED about next Tuesday, August 6.


If you are looking for a great women’s group – blog about your needs and be sure to put your CITY, ST in the title. If you have a moms group or ladies group you love – blog about it and put the CITY, ST in your blog post TITLE. I am hoping we can make some exciting matches and build great community.

Some of us out there are more alone than we say. And could use a network of real live women in the flesh to pray with or study with. This could help!

I know groups like Mom to Mom in Atlanta and in Women Engaged in Orlando and MOPS all over the country are doing incredible things.


Tell us about some others! AUGUST 6!!!


(Thanks to my MOM PANEL for the topic ideas. We are listening. You shared your ideas and here they are – well, some of them.)

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  1. I love MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) and I can truly say that it has shaped the mother I am today. I encourage moms to look up mops.org where you can search for groups in your area. They start registering in August and fill up due to childcare. Most groups offer scholarships too, so don’t be afraid to ask. MOPS also started MOMSnext which is for moms with school age kids. I love this group too!

  2. So hoping this will get me out of my blog fear of failure complex I’ve been in for months. Once a week and the topic is mapped out? Totally do-able! Thanks for the boost!

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