Easy Ways to Show Gratitude


Happy Thanksgiving my friends! We are on vacation. This is how we feel about that. There is nothing like family time and being in a place you love.



I hope you are getting some precious time with family and friends. To slow down and give thanks!

If you are new to the site or the book – welcome!

Each month in In This House, We Will Giggle – I share a virtue with corresponding verse and memory definition. So, the virtues become REAL and easy to teach in our homes.

For this month, this is gratitude.

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Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks is all about recognizing that God gave it all. So, when we list our blessings or offer our thanks – it’s important that we recognize the source! And do that with our kids. Let them pray or make a list for God. He truly has given each of so very much – even in times of struggle, plenty or little.


Show Heartfelt Appreciation

I love this part of the definition – because this is where we get their little hearts engaged through action! Laughter over lectures! Just pick 1 or 2 people in their lives this week and ask them one of these questions:

“How can we show our heartfelt appreciation for someone we love so much?”

“How can we show him/her that we are truly grateful for how they serve our family?”


Then, together come up with some ideas and go for it! Something like this:

  • Make them a pie
  • Sidewalk chalk a note by their door
  • Sweep their porch
  • Write them a letter
  • Slip a note under grammy’s pillow
  • Walk up and tell them they are appreciated
  • Take a chore off their list – clean the dishes
  • Send a text or email with specifics of why we love them


Enjoy your family time this week – don’t make this a force or a chore! Just try to naturally weave it into your family time. Maybe they could work on something for their teacher and return with a surprise they made all by themselves – JUST to say thanks!


I am THANKFUL for you. Each of you. Your words and encouragement mean so much. I got to meet Jennifer, one of you, last night at a book signing. And I count it such a privilege that you read this site and we walk this journey together. You’re a great mom Jennifer.


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