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Elated to Exhausted

 Motherhood often resembles a roller coaster to me.

At the top is ELATION…

you want to combust with pride, love, excitement, joy. You have super power energy, strength and fun.

At the bottom is EXHAUSTION…

where you just hit the bad mood, the couch, the defeated place and pity party.

And, of course everything in between.


We had some rides this weekend and I actually thought about all of you with MORE THAN TWO KIDS! How are you alive? I’m only juggling two of these little monkeys and I’m like a nut case over here. So, you probably giggle at my dramatic interpretations of motherhood when you’d love a little ride on my kiddie coaster. You’re on the scream machine at your house!

First up, this little jewel/ornament came home from Larson’s class. ELATION. Teachers aren’t paid enough. This is one I will keep forever and ever amen in my bedside table. I could eat her face off.


(photo taken with iphone – bc one 2 year old tossed expensive camera to the ground. exhaustion)

 ELATION over this ornament

Next up, I go to a huge church… like thousands. Never had my “number” flashed up until Sunday. With a 2.5 year-old and 5-year-old – you know they aren’t just “crying for mom” – they are hurt. I don’t think I put one foot on the escalator. My sweet friend Sandi met me who runs the kids department and calmly told me Larson’s tooth was loose after a little playful match with her BFF. She was so sweet in her teacher’s arms Miss Alex who is there EVERY WEEK. Thank the LORD for these volunteers that know my kids and I wasn’t mad for one second. Just glad my kids feel safe enough to crawl in their arms until I could get there.


as we call dentist, try to teach her how to eat on sides, tell her I can “fix it” or “take it out” 100 times. Tears because I have about 98 things to do this week and xrays for my kids possibly damaged gums wasn’t on the list. And, my kid hurting sucks.

On to big girl… ELATION. With my breath held, I decided to do a test. You should try it. I said, “Ella, draw on this blank paper ‘What does Christmas really mean?’ or ‘What is most important about Christmas?’ and DON’T say anything -just draw.” She smiled so big. She loves an assignment or “homework.” And I really did get nervous. I wasn’t sure what she’d draw. This is what we got.  Whew. It’s sinking in.

 kim 002-2


Back to big girl, her behavior has been um, a challenge lately.. won’t get into too many details but EXHAUSTION. The whining, the disrespect, the attitude – we have some work to do (more on that later).



We went to run an errand just me and Ella and we played “our song” – and for just a minute I had my sweet sweet girl back – the smile, the little girl – she needed time with me.


Can anyone else relate to the roller coaster?

Or do I need to be checked for a disorder? Praying you all have a great week and that we all enjoy the ride. And thank you LORD for the moments of ELATION that makes us stop in our tracks and savor these sweet babies.

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