Ella 7th Birthday Giveaway


You ready to win something fun?

I started this tradition last year with Ella. I wanted her to have a piece of jewelry with a VIRTUE or a WORD that would represent that year. (Starting Larson on this at 5.)

Last year, she got a necklace with the word BELIEVE because she had asked Jesus in her heart.


For this 7th birthday morning, she went on a hunt for the Hidden Cupcake. Such a fun product by my friends at Cabell’s Designs.



She found it in the bread drawer.





Inside the Hidden Cupcake was Ella’s 7th birthday necklace by Jolly’s Jewelry that said COURAGE.

Ella has definitely shown courage this past year with school, new city, new friends, ballet and more. We are so proud of her.


I met Karen of Jolly’s Jewelry when I visited Grace 251 and I loved everything in her line. Beautiful handmade jewelry – faith inspired of course! I told her months ago that I would love her to be the one to make Ella’s birthday necklace this year and would love to share her line with you all.


Her entire line is beautiful and YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE many of her items.



by Jolly’s Jewelry

1. Visit her Facebook page

2. Comment there on which piece you like the best

My favorite part of the day so far… it’s only 8:25 on Ella’s birthday :)… was reading her this email from Pop.
Happy Birthday my precious Ella! You are 7 years old now. I can not believe what a grown up young lady you have become. I want to remind you that that there is NO ONE like you in the entire universe. You are unique and special because Our Heavenly Father made you that way. I love EVERYTHING about you and would not change one single thing. You are so smart and funny and beautiful and kind and loving and generous. I pray that you will always be so confident and encouraged by knowing that there is nothing you can ever do that will change the fact that you are loved by by Our Heavenly Father, your Mom and Dad, your sister,your Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles and Cousins ( quite a long list )
Happy Birthday again my Miss Ella!
I Love You,

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  1. I think it’s awesome that your little one is excited about your tradition. I’ve thought about starting a charm bracelet or necklace for my little mini-me, but she’s just not in a responsible enough place to keep track of her stuff. (she takes her jewelry off and leaves it laying around in bizarre places) And I would love for my daughter to help choose her charms with me. Oh, the mothering of girls!! And I especially love the cupcake box! So fun!!

    1. yes – emily. we may or may not have “misplaced” last year’s charm. trying not to freak out over that. it’s somewhere in one of the 400 purses or bags around this place. we will find it.

  2. I love this idea, but I have 3 boys, so I’m trying to think how to translate this to something appealing to tiny men…
    The cupcake box is great!

    1. hey elizabeth. i thought through this for a few minutes and talked to a couple moms – and called karen from jolly’s. i think dog tags or key chains with the word/virtue hammered in the metal would be really cool for boys. they are less likely to “wear” them like girls – but maybe give them each year and they could save them in a box like a locked treasure box. almost like a secret you have – just that child and from mom/dad. a note to go with it. karen said she is more than happy to create that for anyone. the dog tag or key chain.

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