Ella’s 6th Birthday Giveaway

 This was my Ella…5 years ago, age 1.


I thought I might kiss her face off.

I chose the bumblebee costume.

This is my baby girl yesterday.


I still want to kiss her face off.

This time, she chose the bumblee costume idea.

She seems really excited to try it on, doesn’t she?

She actually loves it and is just over my photos.

My brain cannot comprehend how this time has gone by.

It hurts my heart thinking of the tiny years gone,

yet I love the little girl she has become.

I can only imagine how my dad feels as he brushes my daughter’s hair,

like he used to do with me so often.

Oh, time… please slow down.


I have been thinking about birthday traditions for a while.

I wanted a tradition that would speak into their hearts

as little women and grown women.

I wanted a gift that would stay with them

and tell a story of their life one day.

I decided I wanted a sweet necklace and a charm for each year.

A special charm given each year that would represent that year of growth or special charater trait.


Just weeks ago, I came across The Rusted Chain to help me start this tradition.

Oh, their jewels are precious.

Beki was so sweet to get me Ella’s necklace and first charm for this tradition.


Of all the accomplishments this year…

-learning to ride bike

-moving to a new city

-making new friends

-starting Kindergarten

-learning to read

-learning to do monkey bars and swing alone

-rockin the hula hoop

NONE compare to the choice she made to believe in Jesus Christ.

This summer, Ella and I had a super sweet moment in her bed

and she started her personal relationship with Christ.

She chose to BELIEVE.

Tonight at dinner, I asked everyone (my parents, Larson, Ron) to tell Ella what made them so proud of her over the last year.

Then, we ended with the story of her big decision and gave her this necklace.


This was earlier this week when we had some “alone time” – just me/Ella and I let her buy a treat she’s been eyeing for a while.

Beki at The Rusted Chain so kindly offered a giveaway for YOU!




by commenting below.

What are some of your favorite birthday traditions with your family?


How are you feeling about this “time flying” reality of motherhood?

One random winner will be selected. Contest ends Friday at midnight.

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