When all else fails, make a list

Good morning beautiful friends. I hope your weekend was filled with Oscar fun and family fun. I have a lot of blog posts stewing in my head yet none feel complete. So, when all else fails – make a list. That typically helps me dump the chaos swirling in there. This also works for anything around the house and home. Overwhelmed? Make a list. Or your business – don’t know where to start? Make a list.

However, then you have to keep up with said list and that becomes a problem for me.


My Thoughts, List Style

Absolutely no order or rhyme or reason.

1. Funny People – Who makes you laugh? I get a chuckle often from Jen Hatmaker, Melanie Shankle and my best bud Katie. Funny people just lighten up the chaos of life. I am particularly amused by Melanie Dale lately. She has one awesome book coming out in March.
was-bookI’m pre-ordering mine stat. This video is perfection.

2. Gracious Husband – I am not sure how I landed someone so gracious, but I do some stupid stuff. And when I have to tell him about a mistake or something I did to the car – I watch him pause and think and extend grace. Grace is easier to extend when you’ve received it often.

3. Attractive Men – When Ron walks across the street with his Bible in hand to join a bunch of other men to study God’s word weekly at 6:30. I find that super attractive. Thankful.

4. Sunday Funday – I’m finally seeing the light and putting everything on pause on Sunday. Naps are happening. Margin. Relaxing. I love the simplicity of church and family time. Girls are getting in a rhythm too – just playing. Just being.

5. Dressing Up  – I am not sure if this is being superficial or just a girly girl – but I LOVE to get dressed up. I would wear a dress every day if I wasn’t so lazy. So, if you ever need a date to the Oscars or Kentucky Derby – I’m available.

Let us not forget….


6. Homesick – I’m not going to tell a lie folks… I’m going through a fierce time of homesickness. Florida is awesome, but family is far. Here is how I am dealing with my pity party. Putting both feet in. I’ve had one foot in Orlando and one foot in Atlanta for too long. I am going to trust God knows my heart and truly knows the best plan for my family. I am going to enjoy and be grateful for this awesome city. I am going to plan to see family as often as possible. I am going to invest more in my church and my community. I am going to pray about a nonprofit locally that could use me for His glory.

7. Always Growing – Just because I wrote a book – doesn’t mean I know much at all. Ron and I love to learn more from others on parenting and get solid biblical counsel. Summit Church brought Dr. Kara Powell for our Parent Seminar this weekend. We got to hear her Friday night. INCREDIBLE. I am still digesting some of the incredible wisdom and reading her book now.

8. Spring Fever – I LOVE bathing suits and sundresses for my girls. And, in the spirit of “preparing” for Spring Break and our summer vacations – I am shopping in February. Crazy 8 is my new favorite – they have clothes for  bigger girls that aren’t so dern sassy. Sweet bathing suits and affordable.
140138091And, I got our favorite dress from last summer ordered in a new color. They wore it every other day basically. BP14(1)


9. Oprah – So, I get Oprah on a deep level now. I understand her ups and downs with weight. Because I turned 38. Gone are the days of skipping a meal or a quick jog to get in that dress. Now, it takes me TONS of work to lose 1 pound and I can gain 10 in a weekend. It’s awesome. If I reach my goal this year (IF) – I will be rolling out a wagon of the fat on the internet. Just warning you.

10. Boys and Girls – When I dropped off Ella at church on Sunday – all the girls were sitting in a circle neatly. Room next door – the boys of second grade. Pounding, wrestling, throwing balls at warp speed. It was hysterical to see them side by side.

Lastly, I need Jesus. Daily.

Back to making lists so I feel productive today.

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  1. LOVE. And I hear ya on the weight. Makes me nuts. I’ll be 36 in two weeks. I’m starting over again today. Healthy choices. Do the best I can. When I can’t exercise, I remember 90% of health is diet. Talking about boys… we opened the church gym for a couple hours on Saturday to give parents a break and a free place for kids to run around. We’ve been snowed in for a week in Virginia. Of course my husband and I jump in and start throwing dodge balls at the kids, because that’s how we roll at home with our boys. We made a little girl cry. At church. In front of her mom. FAIL! She recovered quickly, but note to self. Do not throw the sponge ball as hard as you can from point blank range unless its one of my weirdo boys who love that. Have a great week!

  2. I LOVE making lists to clear my head! And as a mama to two boys who are constantly trying to wrestle or breaking things, I can say your observations on Sunday were not atypical. And with it being cold outside today, much of my day will be spent trying to channel all that energy! I’m going to need a lot of Jesus today, too 🙂

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