My Most Embarrassing Moment Has Purpose

I have refrained from telling you this story because OH MY WORD, it is so bad. So embarrassing. If you’re a guy, you might want to skip this one.

If you read this – I give you permission to laugh. I can laugh about it now, but I still get a little splotchy thinking about it.

Let’s rewind to last Fall

When the book launched in October, I started to feel the weight of marketing. How do I get this out and travel and speak without compromising my family? I was praying that the Lord would bring me opportunities close to home.

THE NEXT morning I get an email asking me to come speak to 300 moms in Jacksonville at Southside Methodist! What! Thank you Lord! I can drive over during school and be back by carpool.

December comes and it’s time for the event. I couldn’t wait to share with them a message about “laughter over lectures” and how our kids can light up the world. I felt just fine the entire morning and during my message.

As soon as I get down from speaking and head to the table to sign books, I start sweating.

And cramping.

I made it through greeting 50 or so people – trying to smile and sign and be gracious. But I was feeling SOOO bad. Here is me about to PASS OUT or barf or worse hugging an old sorority sister.

I then ran to the bathroom with severe cramping. Y’all. I can’t give you all the details – but holy crapola. I mean stripping clothes, thought I was going to die. Felt like food poisoning or the flu. I was in the bathroom for an HOUR. People left at my book table so confused. Nice church ladies coming in to check on me. If there was a hole from Jacksonville to Orlando underground – I would’ve taken that out.

I FINALLY get to a point for an escape and tear out of there in shame.


It gets worse.

I am sick at my tummy in every way you can imagine EVERY exit or two. I cannot get home. I cannot drive.

This is not a joke. I pull over and buy a hotel room. It was cheaper and quicker than emergency room, right? Like the door to the outside – so sketch. By 4 pm, Ron has had to get the girls from school. It was going to get dark and I did NOT feel good about this hotel – so I drive myself home praying the entire way in pain.




So, the precious soul in charge of this moms group is Amy Franks. Absolute angel. Offered to drive me home. Offered to come to hotel. Loaded my car.

She texted, “you forgot your bible!” Of course I did – I was running for the car hiding my head in shame.

So, I got better.  And now I can joke about it – although I might never return to the city of Jacksonville.

Let’s fast forward to this month.

I am doing a study by Beth Moore – which means a LOT of time flipping through your Bible. My Bible is filled with photos of my girls, cards from Ron and more. I notice a pink card with MY NAME inserted in there.


And then I find another one.




And another one.




I am frozen, touched and amazing. Quickly trying to figure out WHO would’ve given me this incredible gift?

Within minutes, I remember Amy. She had to have done this. I emailed her and she confirmed she was the sneaky verse girl.


Here’s the irony….

Should’ve I have found them before now? Sometime over the past two months? Or did God know I would need them most NOW.

I had been using another Bible some and doing IfEquip devotions online – so I have to admit my time in this Bible hadn’t been frequent.

I think God knew this week was when I needed these reminders. I have been needing Him so desperately lately.

Friends, seeing MY NAME inserted into these prayers was so powerful. These pink cards are ALL THROUGH my Bible. Tons of them. Amy Franks gave me the greatest gift I have received in years.

I will keep them in there forever. I KNOW in my head that His promises and love are for me – individually. My heart sometimes forgets or doubts. He knows my name! These cards sunk this reality deep. He knows my name.

You can pass on this gift.

I checked with Amy Franks and she sent me the documents right over. Her moms group used them to pray for their husbands. What a great idea. Y’all, do this! Insert someone’s name you love – that needs to be reminded of these truths. And sneak them into their Bible.

Here they are. They are in a Word document so you can edit and print!


So, that is how my most embarrassing moment turned into one of the greatest gifts.

Next time you are trapped in a bathroom sweating to death – remember that good can come from anything. 🙂 The end.

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  1. Oh my! What a story, Courtney, and what an amazing blessing God has turned it into. I love the hubby prayers. Can’t wait to share that idea with my Bible study mommas!

  2. oh my goodness! Courtney I don’t know if you ever read it but when I heard you were going to my friend Amy’s church I messaged you and said if you met her you would love her! This is my Amy!!!! She is such a kind and gracious person! Love her and her family!
    It sounds like you had a TOUGH day but God still met you and someone really special was given the opportunity to serve you!

  3. Thank you for sharing so candidly! I was there that day & so enjoyed your talk. I am so sorry you had such a bad sickness. Amy is the greatest!

  4. It was one of those cold, blustery days that don’t mix well with arthritis. I asked the Lord to guide and direct, to please give me the right words once again.
    As time drew closer, I got worse. More pain, more stomach problems (like you) People were waiting on me to start and I couldn’t leave the bathroom!
    Finally, anle (hopefully) to talk for a few minutes, we stsrted. Same notes, same talk add the night before. .but there was opposition.i could literally feel it in the room like a fog or thickness.
    I had forgotten to pay for the hedge of protection. This night there was plenty of opposition, a neighboring church contemplating starting a school at thier church were there in large numbers. I have never forgotten that lesson.
    My dear, you have such a wonderful talk to share. .please don’t forget the protecting the Holy Spirit provides for those who are doing His will. .♡

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