Father’s Day Soapbox

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So, it’s amusing to me that I sort of need a parade, a manicure, pedicure, gift card, flowers, sometimes diamonds AND love note on Mother’s Day …. and I’ve come to do almost squat for Father’s Day.

It’s sort of sad. It’s almost like he knows I need more affirmation and he’s cool with a hot dog and a new shirt.

But do dads REALLY mean “No, don’t get me anything!”??

I’m not here to stir things up today, just to simply say we need to stop this weekend and go against the grain. Or maybe I shouldn’t say “we” – I NEED TO STOP and recognize the guy who keeps his head down so humbly and just serves.

He’s the guy who could get a new car with his job but just doesn’t. He’s the guy who never wants credit. He’s always in a great mood. He’s the guy that will come home and go right for the kids, listen to my crying fit, cook dinner and do some dishes.

He makes life fun in our house and I cherish him.

He heads up External Affairs for all of the Darden Restaurants and is one of the smartest humans I know. And the happiest. We met at work – and I remember thinking, “how is this dude this happy all of the time?” Did y’all see the President of Olive Garden on the Late Show the other night? I know you stayed up for that. Check it here. Ron’s team was behind this and it is SO funny.

It made me wonder – how often do I tell him he’s really really good at his job? Just when the glamourous things hit or his every day grind moments.


Or how he’s there for the girls. Like REALLY present. At the events, taking them to school. Priceless. Have I told him? Maybe a note today?

Father’s Day reminds me of all the men in my life. My dad, his dad, my brother as a new dad.


These guys have such new unique roles. And, I was moved to tears this morning thanking God for my friend’s husbands.


These dads are seriously killing it. Not perfect… but loving God and loving their wives and juggling so much.

photo 3


They are the lead. They keep the ship headed in the right direction.


So, I KNOW I’m the queen of lifting up moms – but don’t want that to ever diminish the passion I have for dads in the home.


So for you Ron … and Don, Jay, Drew, John, Jon, Art, Blake, and Sams of the world.


We honor you and I thank you for how HARD you work to do this job 120% each week.

photo 4


Happy Father’s Day to those poopy-diaper-changing, job-leading, Bible-reading, tear-wiping, crown-wearing, swording-fighting, hobby-sacrificing, egg-scrambling, toe-painting, suit-wearing DADS that make our jobs so much better. We.adore.you.

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  1. We sure do love you! I love mine. And I am so thankful for those who love on my friends too!!

  2. I loved your post. Makes me remember that my dad is 84 yrs old! Thanks to my husband who is a great dad to his and my children, well they are grown. I am a grandmother and have a great dad in my son in law. Happy Father’s Day to my dad and all the dads out there trying!

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