I feel powerless to say NO

Each week, here are some of the requests that come my way… and I feel powerless to say no.

Courtney, can you look over this for me?

Courtney, call me – I am struggling with x or x, want your thoughts.

Courtney, can you look at my site – and give me feedback?

Courtney, can you watch my kids for a few hours?

Courtney, can you review my book proposal, pass it on, endorse my book?

Courtney, can you serve on this board, support this group, volunteer with us?

Courtney, can you come out and play?

Mom, can you sit with us?

Court, will you shut down the computer and come here?

My child, it’s me God – can you come near?


And on and on and on. My answers are often. YES. YES. YES. YES. YES.




Here’s something great about me and something great about you. We are YES women. That is not a totally bad thing. We love to serve and we love others. And honestly hundreds of people have said YES to me – so it’s my honor to say YES back and it’s a joy! I love helping others. I love using my world/day/resources others for others. I truly do.


Most of the requests are GOOD and GODLY things.

I don’t struggle with saying NO to bad things – it’s a sea of goodness and knowing the BEST YES.


Lysa TerKeurst has always known what women are struggling with in the depths of our hearts. We struggle with our weight in a really tough way. So she wrote Made to Crave. We struggle with what comes out of our mouth and she does too – so she wrote Unglued.

And guess what came next – her struggle with this very topic. Like us, she struggles with all the requests. And not just how to say NO politely- when to say YES. When to have the courage and the space to give a YES to our kids or the opportunity that God has for our family. The Best Yes launches tomorrow, August 12.

Ironically, I got stuck in the airport on Saturday for HOURS without a computer and this one book. It felt good to have one option – to unrush the day and I read it cover to cover.



It is amazing. I feel more equipped to go into another busy week and one crazy season ahead to have the courage to say NO and the discernment to hear God’s BEST YES.

If your women’s group is looking for a new study – I’ve got a treat for you! I bought the entire KIT (book, DVD, workbook) for you when I saw her at She Speaks and she signed the book for you!




Giveaway ends Friday!

I am a part of TheBestYes Blog Tour today with many other bloggers – to learn more and join us, CLICK HERE! More about this amazing book at TheBestYes.com. Book launches tomorrow – AUGUST 12!



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  1. We have a great group of ladies that have been meeting to study the bible for about a year and a half. We would love to explore this one!

  2. I NEED this book. I struggled with this so much last year- new school, church activities, etc. My ladies bible study would really benefit from it. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  3. Would love to share this with me group! We are currently going through her “Becoming More than a Good Bible Study Girl” study. Love it!!

  4. This would be great for my small group ladies. We are old but this yes problem reaches across the decades!

  5. Gosh, I so need to win this book (like every other woman out there, I’m sure!) I struggle with what to say “yes” to all the time!

  6. Can’t wait to read this one! My copy is on the way! I have a really hard time with this too, Courtney. I love your honesty. You always lift my spirits, lady!

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