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It was a complete HONOR when I got the call to be a guest on Focus on the Family! I tried NOT to get overwhelmed with the number of listeners that tune into this show and to just focus on being ME.

Some people do these monster national interviews every day, but this was kind of a first for me. I was so excited to share In This House, We Will Giggle with such a huge audience.


To share the heartbeat of my book – which is making virtues, love and laughter a daily part of your family life.

So, because this is such a serious operation –  I took head gear.


I didn’t want to take myself or my topic too seriously. The title does have GIGGLE in it right? Oh, did we giggle! Jim Daly and Kim Trobee were an absolute treat.

The show is airing this Monday and Tuesday. We also taped some highly embarrassing entertaining behind-the-scenes videos that should air on their Facebook page in the weeks to come. I might have line-danced.


My cheering crowd was so patient and supportive and hydrated. Apparently, all Colorado women carry water bottles. (L to R: My agent and friend Blythe Daniel, author and friend Megan Nilsen, and Blythe’s colleague and new friend Stephanie Alton)

Looking for the 60 ideas?

If you are here from the Focus on the Family website, you might be looking for the FULL list of 60 Ways to Giggle. You can download the full list here and enjoy!



On the broadcast, we talked about generosity and Light ‘Em Up. Join us for Light ‘Em Up this December – making GENEROSITY a daily part of your Christmas. Lighting up your community with kindness. Here’s a video about how it all began.

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  1. My husband and I don’t have any children yet, but I find myself very drawn to the subject matter in your book. Thanks for writing it. I’ve never heard of anything like it and as a Christian woman with a silly personality, I’m sure this is right up my alley. Also, I have a concern: with all the contributors you have to your blog, I noticed that there isn’t any cultural diversity. I wanted to challenge you to seek out moms from other ethnic groups (black; Asian; Hispanic) to contribute to your blog. I hope this request isn’t offensive. I just thought it would be a good idea.

    1. Ellen – not offensive at all and I totally agree. The contributors began as my closest friends – those I knew the best and I later added some like-minded bloggers. I absolutely agree. And as I am challenged to personally make my own circle and blog more diverse – that contributor list will reflect that soon.

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