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Free Easter Printable & Punch Cards

Oh I have some FREE STUFF for you this morning!

You are going to love it.

They are both from my BFF Katie.

She sure did just have her baby boy, third child yesterday.

Our girls are best friends. We have been attached at the hip for 5 years.

I sure did sit in the driver’s license place yesterday and bawl my eyes out waiting for them to call my ticket, as pictures and udpates came in on Facebook and my phone.

I was so happy to see the joy.

But I was so sad. I just wanted to be there.

Hooray for FaceTime.

I digress, as always.

So, I hope you know many of things that happen on this site are results of conversations me/Katie had.

She is so creative and so smart.

One day, she was just thinking about Easter for you guys and sent me this.


Um what? Who whips this up.

So, here you got! Free! Print it. Frame it. Put it on the fridge.

Focus on the awe of this season.

Then, one day we were talking about “punch cards” her child was doing at school.

And, how GREAT it was to focus on what they do WELL instead of harping on the bad.

So, she just whips up some to have at home laminated and all.


I LOVE THESE. Love the concept over stickers.

I love that when she catches her kids exhibiting self-control or patience or self-control, they get a hole punched.

And when they get all the way around, a treat happens.

Kids love being caught doing the right thing.

We need to remind them of what the RIGHT behavior!

I’m SO GUILTY of harping on the “wrong behavior” all day when most of the time, there is A LOT of good going on.

So, feel free to take the idea and run with it.

(like make it, don’t sell it please:)

I know you crafty moms out there will have so much fun designing and making unique for your kids.

Slap some of that oh-so-popular chevron behind it in grey and name in yellow so you’re totally hip with everything on Pinterest and go!

There are so many virtues and values you could do! Katie was doing fruits of the spirit.

Make it our own – focus on what works for your family!


Praying today. Shipping out a major proposal to a giant company with a “product line” for Lil Light O’ Mine. I can’t believe I’ve even been given the chance to dream this big. God knows if this is the way it shall go. Excited to even think there could be more products to empower moms and change little lives. The vision is to have home decor that actually has a purpose – teach our kids life’s most important lessons! Eek! Stay tuned.

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