Friday Faves – Feb 20, Books For Boy Moms

Friday - Boy Mom Books

You may have figured out that I have two girls and I spend a LOT of time writing and sharing from a girl mom perspective. However, I love those boys! I love my friend’s wild yet tender boys. I love my edible nephews. I love my brother. I love boy moms!

Today, I wanted to share some of my very favorite BOOKS for BOYS! I checked with my expert boy moms out there and this was their list. Share some of your favorites in the comments!

Action Bible

My friend Ashley recommended this one. Said her son Marshall has always loved this version of the Bible! The illustrations. The action! Truly made for a boy.

Link to
Action Bible


5-Minute Devotional

My friend Jess recommended this one to me and we have it. These devotionals are so great. Easy, quick and relates common struggles to different animals. Really creative and perfect for those curious and adventurous boys!


Link to 5-Minute Devotional


Wild Things

David Thomas is my bud. I met him at dotMOM and TRULY one of the best speakers I know on the topic of boys. He is a counselor at DayStar in Nashville and sits every day with boys and their families. His insights are incredibly helpful. MANY of my boy mom friends have read and used often. Right Christina?



Link to Wild Things


Raising A Modern Day Knight

My friend Amber highly recommends this book – especially for dads to read. I love this concept of thinking AHEAD – these lithe boys will soon be men. It helps you think intentionally about raising those knights.


Link to Raising a Modern Day Knight



Bringing Up Boys

One of the funniest moms on the planet is Karmen. She drives a tractor, runs a feed store and raises a house of boys. You must get to know her. She recommended this one to me EARLY this morning. I know she was up making bread or something awesome.


Link to Bringing Up Boys

Your turn!

Tell us your favorite BOY MOM books – from parenting books to devotionals.

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  1. Thanks for this list! I’m excited to read Wild Things. My two boys are sweet but such confusing creatures sometimes. I want to make sure I’m not missing some key element.

  2. Thank you so much for the list! The only one I had heard of previously was Bringing up Boys so I’m excited to add a few new ones to my reading list. One that I read not too long ago was Praying for Boys by Brooke McGlothlin, which I highly recommend for any boy mama!

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