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Welcome to Friday Faves! This week is all about podcasts. I love podcasts! I knew about them for some time – but truthfully, I didn’t have a clue how to do it. My friend Ashley (queen of listening to podcasts to grow and learn) showed me the way.

How Do Podcasts Work

If you have a smart phone, it is SUPER easy to get them right on your phone and listen whenever you have a few minutes. I listen to mine while I fold laundry or if I’m a few minutes early to carpool. Whenever I can squeeze them in. Riding in the car. Anywhere!

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There should be a purple icon on your phone that says Podcasts. Then, you simply search for the one that you want and subscribe to it! It really is easy once you play around with it.

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Here was the big light bulb moment for me.

Just because I am out of the full-time career world – doesn’t mean I can’t do professional development. Just because I can’t physically get to these great conferences or churches – doesn’t mean I can’t partake and learn from leaders I admire. Just because I am home with my girls and LOVE IT – doesn’t mean I have to turn off my inner desire to grow in my relationship with Christ.

It just might look different and I might have to get really creative.


Five Podcasts I Am Loving



Mark Merrill – Mark is the husband of Susan Merrill of iMOM and founder of Family First and All Pro Dads. Together, they do incredible things. I absolutely LOVED the podcast on discipline. Such a great reminder for me. Inspirational yet very practical. I am talking with Mark today! So, I’ll send out my interview later. What a couple. This is one you can listen to with your husband!



God Centered Mom – Moms, you will love Heather! She is the real deal and asks such great questions. She has wonderful guests from Lysa TerKeurst to Sally Clarkson to Jeannie Cunnion. Here is my interview with her.



Mud Stories – If you think everyone is perfect and better than you – you just sign up for this one. Jacque interviews guests and ask them to share their “mud stories” – where your mess is redeemed. It’s so incredible. Our interview was so fun – as I talked through my mud and struggle of identity and comparison. You are not alone.



Catalyst – Obviously, it’s no secret that I am a fan of anything North Point puts together. If time and money allowed, I’d be at Catalyst every year to grow as a leader and follower of Christ. They have SO MANY incredible guests on this podcast. Love it!



Passion – If you need a shot of energy and passion to your faith – spend some time with Louie Giglio and the folks at Passion. Since, I am in Florida – I am not able to be there live. Podcasts allow me to listen and catch up anytime. Love this church!



Encouraging Words for Working Moms – Christy has a passion for the mom working from home. It is such helpful advice and conversations. I loved being on her podcast.

Helpful Podcasts Links

Apple – if you need to download app (it’s likely already on your phone and you never noticed it)

About Podcasting – more basic information and instruction


Remember – many of these podcasts are available online on their websites if you’d rather not use your phone. I just find that my phone allows podcasts to sneak into the small windows of time as I go about life.

NOTE: I do not listen all of the time. I don’t feel pressure. When I need a boost – I pick one. Don’t add this to your list of things you must do! It’s a great option if you desire personal development by top leaders and can’t travel.

Which podcasts do you love and when do you listen?


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  1. wowzers! what an honor, Courtney. and thank you for helping frame podcasts in the “professionally development” stand point. it took me a solid year of hearing about podcasts before I started listening. my favorite listening time is while grocery shopping. a highlight of my week!

  2. I too LOVE podcasts and how I can learn so much from them! To grow as a wife, a mom, a leader, and a Christ-follower all while driving my car, going for a run, or even cooking dinner. I am SO with you on this! And I’m seriously so thankful to you, for your kind generosity here, your enthusiastic encouragement, and the way you have made me feel seen and loved. I am better for knowing you and I’m so very thankful to call you my friend. xoxo

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