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Friday Faves (Jan 30) – Hearty Fun For the Home

Hey friends! Happy Friday. If you want to catch up on other Friday Faves – head right here.

As we wrap up JOY in the month of January – let me know how I went! You can email me at info@courtneydefeo.com. I heard so many cute stories out there. Way to go!

NOTE: The book is designed to focus on ONE virtue per month – but you can make it your own! You can join us anytime and switch them up. Your family must make it work and don’t feel forced or rushed. 

Friday - hearty ideas

Today’s Friday Faves are all about LOVE! Our next chapter and month. Here are a few hearty ideas to consider as you gear up for the month of LOVE! More Love ‘Em Up ideas on LOVE are in the book. And LOADS of inspiration on my Love ‘Em Up Pinterest Board.


Don’t forget that this month is all about loving the ones we are with! If they can learn to love a sibling or parent well, they definitely can love their friends. Keep the focus inside the home this month.


1. Mailboxes


Source for how to make mailboxes.

Make a mailbox for each person in the family. Or, you can buy them at Target or a craft store. The point is sending mail to everyone in the family. Sibling to sibling. Parent to child. Etc. Not just for mom to do! Words fill up our hearts.


Our family is using these precious love notes this month. They are a set of 15 Valentine cards declaring God’s heart for His children.

Source for Be His Cards.


2. Simple Love


My kids just love the simple treat. A heart candy snuck in their lunchbox or making their sandwiches heart shaped. If ever there was a month to ramp up the lunchbox loves notes – this is it. (Photo of Ella’s BFF – the glorious EKD.)


3. Encourage Daddy –


Source for heart note idea and photo.

I am often SO sad when I hear my girls speak unkindly to Ron. I know where they learned it. Ugh! So, instead of getting down on myself – I am just going to take the chance in February to really focus on making him feel loved. He’s just as human as the girls – needs to know why he is loved. And how his work and help matters.

Source for playing card idea and photo.

4. Family Acts of Kindness



One way our kids can show love is by helping one another. Think Light ‘Em Up but for your family. They can sneak a note to one another, pick up a chore or just hug it out. So many options!


5. Invite God’s Love In


Source for How Do I Love Thee cards.

I love how Ever Thine Home makes really beautiful products – that always point to Jesus. These hearts are amazing – filled with verses and devotional thoughts for the month. And they come with that cute garland! How Do I Love Thee cards are 15 cream-colored hearts with short stories on love for family conversations.



Remember – these are just ideas! Don’t get overwhelmed and then get frozen. Pick 1 or 2 and have fun!


Few quick announcements:

  • Bible Study Leader Guide coming! You asked and my publisher delivers. They have created a leader guide for your groups and it will be ready any day. Stay tuned!
  • Audio Version: I was so shocked and thrilled to get the news that In This House, We Will Giggle will be in audio format by March. Often easier for the busy parent to listen in the car or on their phone.
  • Giggle Contest: I want to hear your best giggles. Send me a video via info@courtneydefeo.com or post to any social media and just use hashtag #inthishousewewillgiggle. I will post the best 5 videos on Facebook and YOU will vote for the winner. Winner gets a giant prize pack from me – cups, cards and book. Deadline for videos: February 15
  • Win Some Cups: There is a conversation cup giveaway happening right now. Make sure you enter!


Ever Thine Home is an advertiser on this site and I am thrilled to send new friends their way occasionally. I love their products.

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