Friday Faves- January 23, Easy Tricks for JOY

Friday Faves Jan 22 JOY

Happy Friday. Anyone else need a nap starting like NOW until next Thursday? Mine even sleep through the night and I’m still a zombie. Anyone? I got all dressed – with hair dried and hot rolled yesterday. What! And makeup. I was feeling so good about myself – and then saw my mail man. My friend. He said, “You look tired, you ok?” I give up. Back to yoga pants. 🙂

Now onto the real reason we are here. It’s time for Friday Faves. Today, is all about infusing JOY!


Easy Tricks for Infusing Joy Into Your Home



Jump in Their World

My friend Ashley does something really precious with her son. She also has two younger girls and needed a way to bond with her boy. So, they got a trampoline and it’s their time. They jump and talk together. No matter the age of your kid – or if it’s a boy or girl – we can all be inspired by Ashley. Let’s jump into their world and be interested in their interests. (Photo – stock)


Slow Down

This month, I have slowed down and shut off my computer way more. We are simply more joyful. I can snuggle longer. Do puzzles. And just be with my girls. My legs are burning from airplane. (Photo mine – Larson).


Surprise Them With A YES!

I love to suprise mine with a YES, when they are expecting a NO. Stopping for ice cream after school or letting them play outside after dark or arranging a playdate with one of their friends. I love watching their shock – when I say, “OK! Sure!” (Photo – mine, Larson)


Enjoy “Heads Up”

This is our favorite app/game to bust out when we need a laugh. It was created by Ellen so clearly funny. You guess words as the rest of the fam describes the word. With the word on your iPhone – on your forehead. It’s hysterical. And, it video tapes the family as they describe things and even acting them out. Too fun. Download Heads Up.


Paint Your Face

My friend Cara from high school taught me this. She gets face paint from any party store and breaks it out just for fun. She lets her daughter draw all over her own face and then she lets her do her momma’s face too. So fun! My girls got this natural face paint in the mail – it is great. (Photo stock)

What are some of your quick tricks for infusing JOY into your home?


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  1. Hed Banz or something like that….it’s the non electronic version of that game which requires you to look ridiculous. 🙂

  2. I’m a week behind here, Court. We had the face paint out just the other day and, boy, did I look ridiculous! But it was fun for my kids. I also used the “just say yes” recently for some unexpected fun. Thanks for encouraging us to pursue connection. You might have heard the saying, “to kids love is spelled t-i-m-e.”

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