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Friday Faves – January 9, Best Tools For Moms

Friday Faves with Bar - Jan 9


I am a fan of ANYTHING that makes our jobs easier. Today’s Friday Faves is focusing on some the best products and companies that do just that! I’d LOVE for you to share some of yours. Do you have a favorite planner or product that you use daily that makes your job easier? Share below!


1. The Daily Mom

DM_logo-1I love this app. It takes the top news in many categories and puts it right on your phone. Imagine havin an assistant that surfs the net and gives you just what you need. That’s the point. AND! There is a joke section that is hilarious and so much fun. Great for school lunches.


Good news – it is FREE now! Download The Daily Mom right here. Enjoy spinning that wheel. My favorite part.


2. The Sitter Tree (for ATLANTA moms)


Do you remember The Babysitter’s Club books?  One phone call and a sweet sitter with previous experience is assigned?  Atlanta moms, there is a real babysitter’s club in town!  The Sitter Tree is organized by local coordinators who personally recruit, interview and select a community of sitters.  Families purchase credits from The Sitter Tree to use the service, and then directly pay the sitters a set hourly rate.  You can request a sitter at any time- and even save your preferred sitters for future jobs.  Sitters and families may only join by referral so that the community remains close.  I just happen to know Atlanta Coordinator, Caroline McClure. She’s my sister-in-law and just fantastic.


As a wife and mother, Caroline knows the importance of having sitters who love your kiddos.  She has a HUGE offer for those Atlanta moms!


Use her referral code CAROLINE42 and receive the free credit by using promo code “LilLight”.

Connect  with The Sitter Tree – Where families find sitters, not search for them.


3. Yumbox

The girls got these yumboxes for Christmas and I’m super excited to use them – when our lovely flu passes. Longest.Christmas.Break.Ever. 🙂 I got the 100 Days of Real Food book and have been using her website to get great ideas for school lunches. Here’s to healthy eating in 2015! We also got baking cups to hold smaller portions if needed.

3. If Equip

Does it help you to have people talk through the Bible? It helps me so much. I love getting a daily dose of God’s word through If Equip but the videos are my favorite. They always feature different women that I respect. And hearing their perspective and discussion on that particular passage stretches me and encourages me. It’s free and easy. They don’t tell me what to think, they help me think and process.



How about your favorites?

Is there an app. product, company or tool that helps make your job easier?

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  1. Courtney,
    First, praying for your family that you all recover soon! The flu seems to be reaching into every home this season.

    Thank you so much for sharing this list! I had not heard of IF:Equip but downloaded it right away and LOVED it! I felt like I was at a Bible study in my pjs this morning 🙂


    1. Thank you April! I am so glad you liked ifEquip. We are feeling much better. Thank you. Wrote this a couple days ago. Should edit. 🙂 Girls back in school and I’m on my way to Atlanta.

  2. Thank you for featuring The Sitter Tree, Court! We want all Atlanta mamas that follow you to have the chance to try us out- [hey moms! stop stressing about babysitters and let me take care of it already 😉 ]


  3. first of all happy the girlz are on the mend! we were all sick over the holiday as well and i am still hacking! cant’ kick it!
    i feel like i got a little present today! loving the must haves you shared. i have already pulled that yum box up on the website you shared and can’t wait to order. i have 4 nieces who “must” have them too! and the daily mom is loading on my phone now! gotta clear out some storage space to make room. i have to say that i cannot live without my newest device (misfit) a fitbit knock off. now i may still indulge and buy the fitbit but this misfit has been fun. more though for tracking my sleep vs. my activity and calories. i cannot believe how litte sleep i get – and how little restful sleep i get. it allows you to put in your target hours of sleep then shows you how many hours you actually slept and how many of those hours was restful. shows you a chart and all on the ap that works with it. loving it and realizing a more rested me is going to make for a happier and better mommi! happy friday everyone! and THANK YOU! off to check out all you listed!

  4. Thanks for these Courtney . Love 100 Days Real Food and anything IF! One app/website that has changed my life is Plat to Eat. Can not say enough about how amazing this has been in planning my meals. The best is that it creates a grocery list for you based on your meal plans! Also as a the one responsible for the budget and bills I love iBank. Have a great weekend!

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