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I can’t wait to tell you how this one started. Remember, how I shared my most embarrassing story the other day? Well, at the end – I somehow tied in God’s word. And you guys wanted to share THE SCRIPTURE IDEA so bad – but felt weird because it was sharing my shameful story. Hilarious! And so sweet.


So, here you go. A poop-free version of five truly touching ideas. God’s word and prayer is powerful. I’ve experienced it myself. Use any one of these – to shine the light of God and his love on others. Some of these are old favorites around this blog.

Hope is transferrable. Let’s be a community of women that walk through life together. Holding one other up. Pointing each other back to Jesus.”


1. Praying For Your Kids


According to Pinterest – this might be your favorite idea ever. You can simply pick a verse per kid, per year and save it in your Bible. Using their hands is precious. What a gift to them later in life – here are your hands and the verses I prayed each year.

More details on creating your praying hands.


2. Praying For Friends

As you know, one of my precious mentors, Bobbie Wolgemuth, went to be with Jesus in 2014. She was SO incredibly loved by so many – but especially her “daughters in Jesus” – the women she led in Bible Study here in Orlando. When she got sick – they set up an HOURLY PRAYER list. Someone was praying for Bobbie every waking hour. Not for an entire hour, but at some point during your designated hour – you prayed. I was so moved by their gesture. And I know how that covered Bobbie. She treasured that list of times and women.

My precious Regina is walking her own TOUGH road right now and I wanted to do the same. We now have at least 3 people praying every hour for Regina from 6 am to 9 pm.

Do you have someone in your life that could use consistent prayer? Gather a group and create a free Sign-Up list on Sign-Up Genius. Ask folks to set a daily reminder on their phones!


3. Hiding Scripture (and Making it Personal)



You can read the full story over here – but this was the BEST surprise gift I have ever received. Truly. A friend took the time to personalize scripture and hide it through my Bible. This would be a great gift for your kids, your spouse, a friend – anyone! You can download all of the files right over here. Or, you can always get a set of ABC Scripture Cards and sneak them through someone’s house or Bible.



4. Bible For Graduation


I shared this idea a while back – getting an ESV Journal Bible for your kids and making notes in it for years.  As I discover a verse for them – I write them a note beside that verse. I intend to give this to them for high school graduation.

More details on this idea.


5. Blessing Ring


Back to precious Bobbie, I wanted to do something for her – so Lindsey gave me the idea of a Blessing Ring. It was so super easy. I asked her dearest friends to send me a family photo and a verse. Then put it all together and I had no idea what it would do for her. She carried it to chemo treatments. She kept it beside her chair at home. If you know someone who could use a reminder of God’s love – ask your friends to join you in this special gift. Full details here on how to make.

Link to the WORD doc/template.

Link to the BLESSING RING poem for the front.

How do you use God’s word to comfort and encourage others?

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  1. I heard you on focus on the family, I am trying to find the print out one virtue. Where you leave a card and money on items in store for others to be blessed! can you send me A link to that. Thanks you so much!!!

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