Friday Favorites


My intern gave me a great idea. People just really want to see photos. She’s right.

Enjoy some FRIDAY FAVORITES… which basically means ‘some of this’ and ‘some of that.’


First up, today is my 10-year-anniversary. I scored big. Feeling grateful for this guy. Make me remember how much I LOVED my photographers. Hey Sandra & Greg!


Next up, you might notice I promote a few things or two. You know why? Many sweet people have helped me and I like seeing other working moms succeed! Carol & Company has some seriously awesome jewels and other gifts online for ALL – she got so big so quick – she had to open a real store! Fun!

Grand opening TODAY in Barrington (outside of Chicago). Go see her in person and get your ABC Scripture Cards or other fun gifts or visit Facebook or website here.

May brings dance recitals.


As a wanna-be Rockette, imagine my heart explosions when this little thing comes out for her performance.





She had 3 numbers and rocked the house. “Bonjour, Mr Troy!”




Big sis hit the bigger stage and did just as great. FAME! I’m going to live forever (if they continue dancing).



Oh my. Oh my. I spy a new box. I have MUCH to tell you on this. Short answer. ABC Scripture Cards are hitting stores, many stores thanks to the amazing Cabell’s Designs and Magnolia Lane folks. I promise to give you FULL scoop soon. Start here if you are a retailer and know you want to register. We’ll be at market in Atlanta – July Gift Show.

Retails stores calls for a retail-friendly box. This makes my heart pound A LOT.



I’ve been reorganizing a bit – hoping we will READ a bunch this summer. The girls LOVE to play “library.” This is in the playroom.




-I owe you the ENTIRE story while in New York and The View. My head and heart are still spinning. And so is my email inbox. Whoah grateful. If you missed the show, you can watch it here.

-Amber wrote a great post on our Girl’s Beach Weekend – so much fun. Will post soon with photos. Katie MADE these signs for each of us. Fun!

-Had a great weekend away last weekend with my longtime BFF and will have to do that as well!

-Instagram is the best place if you like just photos and all the silly details of our lives.


 HAPPY FRIDAY. Going down to the Animal Kingdom to brainstorm my favorite school – The Christ School




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