The friend I want to be


Friends are precious gifts. And I need them. They are…

  • Meals brought on the worst day
  • Sweet cards of encouragement
  • Showing up at big and small events
  • Support
  • Unconditional love
  • Belief in me
  • Cheerleading team
  • Non-judgy listening ear
  • Reminder of God’s love
  • Prayer warrior


From high school friends to college to church to Atlanta to Orlando – God has brought the most incredible women alongside me. I am forever grateful. From postpartum to parenting struggles to marriage moments to business endeavors – they have never left my side. I need friends like air. Do you?


During these mom years, I have realized the crucial role of women. I need and adore my husband – but there is something only my friends can understand. We relate, we laugh, we celebrate, we mourn, we notice and we love really well. Side note. I hope you’ve read this INCREDIBLE display of friendship by my friend Ally at House of Hendrix. I am so doing this!



I have noticed a pattern as I get older with friends. The more I focus on my part – loving my friends well – the rest takes care of itself.


You may find yourself in a season of loneliness and feel super isolated. I have been there. I am praying this morning that you find a friend or two to walk through this season. It might take steps of courage and moments of rejection – but get out there. It’s just too important to your soul.



As I think through my list of friends – they inspire me. They make me want to be a better friend. Never a perfect friend. They do these things well:

  • Coat constructive criticism with love and much encouragement
  • Build me up when I’m down
  • Pray for and with me
  • Don’t keep score
  • Extend grace
  • Point me back to Jesus
  • Cheer me on
  • Love my kids like their own
  • Assume the best
  • Give specific encouragement and thoughtful gifts
  • Are inclusive, not exclusive
  • Tell the truth
  • Remain loyal


I love that three powerful friend books are on the scene. Each unique in their own way. Like us! Each worthy of a little celebration.

Nobody’s Cuter Than You by Melanie Shankle

If you haven’t read her first two books, get those too. This girl makes me laugh out loud often. I just read this book and it is pure joy. Packed with lovely tales and profound tips for friendship. It’s a lifetime pursuit and worthy of the dance and sometimes the struggle.

Happy Launch Day Melanie! Get her book here!

Soul Friends by Dr. Leslie Parrot

I have read other books by Les and Leslie and they are so helpful. Leslie is a gifted writer and encourager. Find out more about Soul Friends right here. Here is her writing on Ann Voskmap’s site.



Women Are Scary by Melanie Dale

This hilarious book is by another funny friend and author Melanie Dale. If you feel like momlationships are hard and weird – you’ll love this book. Sometimes, we can be scary. Women are intense. Melanie does a great job of describing those awkward moments – while celebrating the beauty of friendship. You’ll just love it.



In honor of these sweet books – text 3 friends today with one of these questions.


  • How can I pray for you today?
  • How are you REALLY? And how can I help?
  • Anything I can do this week to lighten your load?


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  1. thanks, court — for this encouragement and reminder! you spurred me on to text a few friends today. i have specific prayer requests for two and i’m taking another a bag of groceries. LOVE that you encourage us to be intentional with one another. so thankful for you and how you continually show us what it looks like to follow the Lord’s promptings….

  2. Great blog! I need friends like this. I am asking God to bring women like this into my life so we can encourage each other.

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