From Keg Stand to Light Stand

Seriously, why do I throw myself out there like this? I am seriously so nervous about this one.

I was asked by my friend Kelly Stamps of Kelly’s Korner Blog (roughly 1 bazillion readers) to share my testimony on her blog.

Of course I said yes.

If one person at a coffee shop asked me, I’d say yes.

If one blogger with 10 readers, I’d say yes.

Anytime, anywhere – you want to know why I love Jesus? I’ll tell you.

So…. if you were ever wondering if I am the same Courtney McClure from the Sig Ep house at Auburn? Or if I stepped in front of you at a keg party?

It’s me. It’s definitely me. I’m sharing the details over at Kelly’s blog today.


It all goes back to this.

My life verse is this. Matthew 5:14-16
Hangs in my office.

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  1. For some reason I was having trouble commenting on Kelly’s page but wanted you to know how much I LOVED reading your story. I have seen these adorable scripture cards for years but had no idea you were an AUBURN girl!! But of course such creativity and genius came from an AU Tiger:) So War Eagle and Amen…you did well and your light (and His) continues to shine.

    1. that might be my next product right there mary! i’ll get my friends from magnolia lane to print “war eagle and amen!” on something. that is such a fun greeting and salutation to my heart. i appreciate your encouragement. thanks for saying hi.

      1. Oh my gosh…please let us know when they make something that says that. I would most definitely “need” one!!

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