Fun Ways to Welcome Summer


This photo was TWO years ago. I can’t believe it. Ella was graduating from pre-K and now it’s Larson’s turn. Finishing up preschool and headed into the summer before Kindergarten. Time flies.

This moment started our “welcome to summer” tradition. They were so excited at this crazy thought.

Yes! You can throw your bags in the pool.

Yes!  You can jump in the pool with your clothes on.

Yes! You can push mom in the pool.


And we’ve kept it up. Looks I get pushed in twice this year as they finish up on different weeks.




Fun Ways to Welcome Summer

Here are just a few other ideas or ways you could have some FUN saying “Welcome to Summer” when your little ones finish up their last day or week. It IS something to celebrate – they have worked hard all year!

Don’t forget to remind them to finish well and work hard to the very end.

1. Banner Fun

This is my friend Kelli’s house and her kids run through a banner at the door. Super easy and super sweet.



2. Guns Blazing

I LOVE THIS! When Kelli’s kids get off the school bus – a water gun fight breaks out. You could also have water balloons or popsicles – anything that says SUMMER!



3. Carpool Surprise

This one from Pinterest. The banner idea is so cute. I pulled up last year with beach balls in the car and a few dangling from the mirrors and such. I almost wore goggles. This year, I’m tempted to sport a giant sun hat. They might kill me.



4. Bucket of treats

It’s fun to kick off summer with a few of your favorite things. This one is so cute from Every Day Cheer.



5. Say Yes!

You could say yes to that Ice Cream stop or having that friend over on the last day.



And, of course you can give them a huge hug and say “welcome to summer” – and mention how delighted you are that they are home. Maybe have a quick snuggle and think of things you want to do together. And that’s just perfect. No cute sign needed.


Or, even just write them a note for their pillow that night that affirms them. Congratulate their hard work all year and reminds them of the growth and great things you saw over the course of that year. And maybe a list of things you can’t wait to do with them over the summer!


What are your traditions on that last day of school?
Are anxious to get them home or nervous about the change of season?

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  1. Great ideas here! I am totally using some of them. Our eldest is just finishing up his first year at primary school so he definitely deserves a good break. Last year when he and his sister finished preschool I let them choose whatever they wanted to do the first day of the holidays. I was prepared for farm day, beach day, whatever! Budgetted for and everything. They picked riding a bus to a cafe and getting cake together. So cute. After being in school they just wanted to have time together and a fun treat. We’ll let them choose again this year…. A no expectation family fun day to get the summer started. I love the idea of special time the day they finish too.

  2. Oh my goodness, I am borrowing your google wearing idea at pick up! Genius & hilarious. Last year I did a (pinterest-inspired) banner on the garage door…which ripped in half as we drove up from school because I apparently taped half of it to the door and the other half the wall. Sorry kids. Love the banner in the car as well. Sharing now.

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