Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is coming… that means if you are a dad, a daughter or anyone that needs to get a gift in the mail. I got ya.


Ideas for You Dads! For those Moms.

  • Meaningful Note – I need affirmation like I need water. Most moms do. Take a minute to write a heartfelt letter of why your wife is a great mom. Tell her specifically what she does well. She’ll treasure it for life.
  • Gift From All – Find a necklace that represents her family. Ron got me this one last year and I adore it. The Rusted Chain also has a ton of great options.




  • Guilt-Free Shopping – A gift card means she can treat herself to a new shirt or skirt from her favorite store without fear of messing up the budget.
  • Forced Time Away – I have never seen a mom turn away a trip to the spa. Even just for a pedicure or manicure. Once that gift card is in hand – you can waste it, right? Must go! Consider buying it in cohorts with another dad – so two mom friends can go together.
  • Fun Jewelry – We don’t NEED another necklace but they sure are cute. Just The Thing has tons of cute options.
  • Fun Summer Beach Bag – You could freshen up her beach supplies with a great beach bag and new towel and new flops. I find great stuff at TJMaxx. Include that gift receipt if she’s a picky one. It’s the thought that counts, right?
  • Surprise – Grab a few bunches of flowers and let the kids join you in a few little surprises. That will melt her heart to know you planned and you led the kids in this way.


flowers for mother


Dads – your effort on this day is all that matters. I promise your words and your genuine actions to notice her and affirm her will go FAR beyond any pricey item.


 Ideas for You Moms! For the Grandmothers.

  • Meaningful Note – Both grandmothers need to be reminded why they are loved. Just like us, they need a reminder of their awesome work (specifics!). These notes swell up their hearts and fill up those love tanks for about a year. They love to serve, and help and babysit – they just need to know we are grateful every now and then. (I am preaching to myself here).



  • Pottery Time – You know those places where you make pottery? Ella loved making Grammy a mug years ago and then watching the process of their “art” getting finished up like a real live mug! Grammy still proudly displays it in her window. I like getting the kids hands involved in honoring their grandparents.
  • Upgrade It! – Is there something she has held onto for years and could use a new mixing bowl or pot or cookie sheet? With some fresh baked cookies or flowers with it of course. (Don’t forget how we feel when we get a blender.)
  • Photos – I have never met a grandmother who doesn’t love a new photo of her baby dolls. Cotsco has great rates on their huge photos. Blow those bad boys up for her house. Or, make her an updated brag book for her purse.


  • Grammy Bag – We gave Grammy a tote bag with “Grammy” monogrammed on it from Lands End – because she is always showing up like Mary Poppins filled with treats for them. Maybe it was self-serving now that I think about it. 🙂 Every sweet grandmother needs a good Grammy bag for those visits.

Encouragement To Moms.


I know what it’s like to want to always serve others. And then Mother’s Day comes around and you actually didn’t feel loved at all. Consider sending your gifts and spending time with the grandmothers ahead of the day! I think there’s a way to still properly appreciate their role and effort – but have the day with your family too.

Oh! And don’t forget – this day is just like Valentine’s. Don’t let it get out of whack. No gift or gesture will be the mark of how you are loved. All year long – those hugs, looks, milestones and thank yous are why we do it. And if he forgets, GRACE… because you will forget a Father’s Day. Trust me.



Share your ideas! What gifts do your moms love?

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