The Gift of Kindness


If you have every dabbled in kindness (whether intentional or random) – you know it is contagious. Something gets under your skin and sinks deep in your heart when you give the gift of kindness. Then, you realize it’s actually a gift back to you. You realize that we ARE the plan.

God put us on the planet to be there for each other.

To be there when another one falls.

To laugh when the room is too serious.

To give hope when the other can’t see it.

To notice another person with a sincere hug or word of encouragement.


YOU are more powerful than you know. With the love of your Father and His spirit working in you – you can do incredible things. You can change the course of a person’s day .. their life.. and even their eternity. God ultimately changes the hearts of man, but He surely can use YOU in that process.


With a simple thanks, a hug, a check, a toy, an invitation to dinner, sliding over so someone can sit, admitting we aren’t perfect, surprising a mom friend with a visit …

these ordinary moments in our lives add up to extraordinary moments in each of our lives.

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It is the reason Light ‘Em Up struck a cord with so many of you. It started as a Christmas program with your kids and now it’s year round and Chapter 12 in my upcoming book.


During your own moment of kindness – you felt it. And you saw beautiful things happening in the hearts of your children. You want more, just like I do. You have realized the power in laughter over lectures. You realized that our kids learn so much more from what we do – that what we say. Through family fun adventures like Light ‘Em Up, we are essentially inviting them to the party.





It’s why this video makes you GRIN for days.


It’s why this video (saw from Lisa-Jo Baker yesterday) left me with chill bumps for minutes. PS, I want to work on this team for a day. No joke. You know someone in Canada with this bank? Please. I want to be in that machine.

What an incredible privilege that we get to just use everything we have to love others – with everything we’ve got. We hope they see the one who gave it all.

Praying that this week, in the routine and mundane that you’ll see one tiny opportunity to LIGHT up the world around you. Your kids, your husband, the security guard at carpool, the crossing guard, the garbage man, the bank teller, the homeless man always on the corner, your child’s new friend at school, the new mom trying to make new friends… anyone.


The more I say YES to generosity, your realize the gift isn’t for the other person. You receive way more. You get to play a tiny part in God’s big story and that fills your life with purpose and such love. What a gift.


Light ‘Em Up.

You’ll never be the same.


Coming October 7.
New site coming September 1 with all the goodies – videos, links, tour stops and loads of information on the book.

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  1. Seeing this on the blog…gives me all the feels. Getting more and more excited for this book, my friend! Making my list of families who will be getting a big surprise in their mailbox on October 7.

  2. You always inspire me to be a kinder mom, wife and friend! What important work you are doing every day, Courtney! Cannot wait until October!!!!

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