Giveaway Winners

Are you wondering if I ever really pick winners for these giveaways? I do! At some point. So sorry for the delay.

  • Mother’s Day Giveaway – Paige Estes and Lori East
  • Unglued Bundle – My winner (Debbie Johnson) Erin Carroll’s (Mary Bricker) Kelly Stamps’ (Candace Glass) and Jennifer Green’s (Beth Arredondo)
  • Love Does book – Meaghan Gordon
  • Begin Book by Erin Ulrich – Kim Cleveland
  • We have emailed all of you. If you are a winner and did not receive the email, please send your address to


ANOTHER CHANCE to win ABC Scripture Cards today over at Margaret Feinberg’s blog. Thank you Margaret.


I remember the first few times she started commenting and encouraging me on my blog – I didn’t believe it was really her. I love her writing and she is a Catalyst speaker and amazing leader. Thanks Margaret for encouraging other women and supporting me.


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