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A post of giveaways. Don’t miss it

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Several fun unrelated items to tell you about today! Happy Monday!

1. Parenting the Wholehearted Child


You guys went NUTS over the book giveaway that we did last week on Facebook and Instagram. My suspicion is that you need grace in your home like me – for you and for your kids. We are all falling short in some way. And we want God’s grace to be a real thing. Jeannie’s book, Parenting The Wholehearted Child, is so awesome.

Guess what? She’s giving away MORE STUFF! A ton of neat stuff.


We started with one winner on Instagram and Facebook – congrats winners. Then, she upped to FIVE because she saw your reaction.

Now, she’s inviting you to her site and giving away some of her favorite grace tools for the home.


2. Creating a Meaningful Product That Lasts

So many of you are inventors, creators, dreamers! I know because I met you at She Speaks and many of you email me with questions about how I created ABC Scripture Cards. I did a breakout at She Speaks called “Creating a Meaningful Product that Lasts” and I promised I would share my notes for the kind folks that were scribbling fast in the room. So, this Wednesday and Thursday – I will be sharing on that topic for two days.

Come back this week!


3. For Girls Like You

Have you all heard of For Girls Like You? It is the cutest magazine for our girls! I know the creator Wynter Pitts and she is the real deal. She asked me to contribute an article for this month’s issue and I get to share it with you AND give away one free subscription below!

Verse A Day Preview


I had this visual one day of God’s amazing heart – just busting up into thousands of pieces (heart balloons of course!) and that we get the great privilege of carrying that around.



What are we going to do with his heart? His love? That is what I challenge the girls in my article. I even suggest they put on a heart tattoo (temporary of course) to remind themselves they are representing Christ’s love at school.

ENJOY the article I wrote on love here. Let your kids wear a tattoo to school!


Just tell me something you LOVE about your girl(s).

I’ll pick one random winner for on Friday for the subscription to For Girls Like You.

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  1. Our youngest has a very tender heart that loves people. She goes out of her way to speak, seek out, help everyone. She is an example to me to slow down & do what is most important.

  2. This is perfect timing! I do not have a daughter but a close neighbor who is like my daughter. Just yesterday she came to me to talk about the struggles she’s having! This would be a wonderful gift for her. She’s in high school and feeling the stress and pressures from peers. Thank u

  3. I love my girls: 10, 16, 17. They all so different but love Jesus and their family. They are such girly girls!!

  4. I love that my girls love to laugh. There is something intoxicating about laughter and especially the laughter of a child to a mom (we have radar ears, extra sensitive hearts, and it is a rumor that we eyes in the back of our heads anyway-just God given traits to moms praise the Lord!) My girls’ laughter is music to my heart!! Even when there is “holes” in my “super mom” cape (the laundry room makes a good phone book by the way and they will wait for Super Mom to make an entrance), we can always laugh together and be a little closer for it! Laughter truly is good medicine! I am so thankful for my girls! They’ve learned the only real superhero is Jesus and their Mom loves Him very much!! Praise God!:o)

  5. I love my 14 year old’s sense of justice and fairness, my 11 year old’s enormous heart and my 3 year old’s goofy sense of humor.

  6. I love my sweet and sassy Ella!! She is certainly my Hero and I often look at her and marvel at God’s creation of such a strong and independent girl she is becoming…I often tell her how beautiful she is and remind her that true beauty comes from within~but selfishly I think she is one of the prettiest girls I have seen-a mom can say that right! 🙂

  7. I love that my thirteen year girl old stands for Jesus regardless of what her peers do and her desire to point others to him when she sees them going astray.

  8. My little Sophia: Age 6 and missing her top two teeth: I love how compassion shines in her eyes while reaching out to make a new friend.
    My sparky Anneli: Age 3 and starting preschool today. I love her intelligent mind, her wry comments and her dramatic and irresistible faces.

  9. my 2 girls are a dream come true….high pitched squeals, giggles, and “I love yous” are the best part of my day!

  10. I love that my seven year old has a heart of compassion for others in her class- if she sees someone crying, hurt or upset- she is the first one over to help them out!

  11. What a lovely magazine! I am going to check it out more! Also – 1. I have Jeannie’s book on order now – woo hoo! and 2. can’t wait to read your notes from your Product session!

  12. I have the most amazing 12-year-old daughter! She has a heart of gold and loves to make others happy. I have been so blessed by the love, wisdom and strength this young child has demonstrated over the years. She, through her actions, has taught me how to show others my trust and love for God. I pray that she always stays as strong in her faith as she is now. I love that she studies the bible and looks to God daily for continued guidance and I love that she is setting such a wonderful example for her two younger siblings. This is one very blessed and proud momma!!

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