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No entering to win, no comments, no facebook, no twitter.

It’s just a GIFT with no strings attached.

A 5×7″ FREE PRINTABLE & DOWNLOADBLE piece of art for your home designed by my dear friend Joy just for you.


As you know, I have a thing for memorizing stuff. One of those things for my kids is SIMPLE definitions.

We use these words all of the time, be PATIENT! be KIND! be GRATEFUL! be GENTLE!

Do we even explain to them what they mean?

So, GRATITUDE is a word I love for this month and all year long. Just made up this definition because it’s the 2 things I want to emphasize with my girls.


being thankful for exactly what we have

and the ONE who gave it!

We don’t need 2 more Barbies, we have 10. Grateful for EXACTLY what we have.

Mother dearest here doesn’t need a house with more storage. Grateful for EXACTLY what we have.

Now just saying it and acting the right way, but does my heart and my actions and my girls live it? Are we joyful? Content? Complainers?

Are we filled with so much abundance and gratitude that we are just plain fun to be around?


 OH! And the second part. I don’t want them to forget for one second there is ONE name that we look to. ONE man that gave it all. ONE man that we will praise in our home for all these things.

Print it, trim it, frame it, refrigerator magnet it, pinterest it, get creative, whatever.

It’s yours if you like. And of course you can share.

It’s a gift.




Bring it to life by having them write notes or cards to 10 friends or family.

Have them leave messages or a quick video to friends or family just reminding them of our gratitude.

Leave a special treat on the doorstep of someone in your neighborhood WITH THEM participating – that just says THANK YOU.

What if we went all month long by modeling a heart of contentment and gratitude about EXACTLY what we have?

Cut out TONS of leaves out of scrapbook paper and let them tape them onto everything in the house –  the items they are grateful for. Surprise daddy with a touching kind of mess.

Even though God is the ONE that provides it all, there are many working moms and dads that work their tails off to provide. How can we make sure they know we are not just content but happy and full of gratitude for all they do?

If you don’t already, think of a very memorable and intentional tradition around gratitude that happens every Thanksgiving.

Think of ACTIONS to show gratitude for others and our things that they might SEE US doing and take note.

Or, you can always just flip to your “G” card and focus on that one! Give THANKS to the LORD!

ADD TO THIS IN THE COMMENTS.. whatcha up to in your house this month?


Have I done all of the above? No. However, my own little personal brainstorm of 1 just got me fired up.

There will be scrapbook paper and notes flying in our house this month. And, if you are still reading, your GIFT is one of the BEST blog posts I have ever read on gratitude.

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