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When Courtney first talked to me about Light ‘Em Up 2012, I got so excited! And then I started thinking, “How can I do this with a 3 year old and 1 year old, and help them understand? Will I just be putting in all this effort and my kids are too young to get it?”

carroll boys 3

It was all a tiny bit overwhelming. Sometimes we feel like our actions can seem so insignificant.

But then I realized that this isn’t about me. This is about Jesus. And this is about teaching my kids how to love like Jesus, and showing the love of Jesus to the people in our community.

These are people that we know and some that we’ve never seen before in our lives.

Courtney gave me a list of 100 different things that we can do to show the love of Jesus to people in our community, so I was armed and ready!

Last weekend, my 3 year old son, Hudson, discovered a little box full of spare change. He was so excited about his money. His money (probably about 60 cents total) was his new favorite toy.

He wanted it in his pocket at all times. If he needed to change clothes or use the restroom he asked me to hold his money so he wouldn’t lose it.

He was so proud of his money.

That same weekend, we had to make a quick run to Wal-Mart. When we were walking in the door, we noticed a woman ringing the bell for Salvation Army. My husband instinctively walked over, took some change out of his pocket and dropped it in the bucket.

And just like his daddy, my 3 year old son reached into his pocket, pulled out his most special possession, his money, and dropped it in the bucket. And he shouted, “Thank you!”

I knew right then that teaching him wasn’t about conversations and big talks. Teaching him how to light em up comes from our example. He’ll do what we do. He’ll serve the way we serve. He’ll love the way we love.

Every time we pass the Salvation Army bucket at any store around town, he wants to drop his money in the bucket.

We have a few more plans up our sleeves of how to serve those who serve us, like the custodial staff at preschool, our postwoman, our neighbors and UPS man from the house we moved from three weeks ago.

We’re ready with cute little gift tags (printed at home) and fun little goody bags. It’s just a way to say “thank you and we appreciate you.”

Our town has a very high homeless population. It’s not at all difficult to find the homeless people in town. I have about five spare blankets in my car and a booklet of fast food gift certificates with the printed gift tags. We’re ready to pass these out as we see people when we’re driving through town.

The things we’ve chosen to do are good for a mom with two very young kids, that aren’t very independent yet. But we’re doing it!

I’m so excited about the opportunity to serve as many people as we can over the next month– and beyond. This isn’t just about the month of December or about the Christmas season.

I hope that you and your family will choose to Light ‘Em Up with us!



Which Light ‘Em Up ideas are working best for your tiniest elves?


Erin is the author of super popular blog Blue-Eyed Bride and proud wife and mom. She is the perfection description of a blogger I adore – real, authentic, generous, supportive, priorities in line, motives pure and others focused. She is always looking to help others succeed and I am so thankful for how she has reached out to me and our friendship has blossomed. Erin – you are awesome! – Courtney

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