Guest Post by Kayse Pratt

 by Kayse Pratt


Today is December 10th. We are officially 10 days into December and two weeks away from Christmas. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been struggling with a truckload of guilt these last 10 days. I have Truth in the Tinsel to walk through advent my toddler. I have an Advent Bible Studythat I’m supposed to be leading a group of women through. I have all of the amazing supplies for Light ‘Em Up. But this is all I’ve done.


 Six, ugly, day-old sugar cookies in a ziploc bag, with a makeshift note written on an index card. To a mail carrier whose name I don’t know, despite the fact that I see him every day.

Heaven help me.

I see all of the awesome Light ‘Em Up pictures, and I read the blog posts on toddler advent activities, and I apologize to my Bible study group one more time, and I sit in the guilt.

 Not enough, not enough, not enough.

The truth is, though, that the guilt only comes when I’ve got my eyes on everyone else.

What they’re doing, what she’s writing about, the pictures they posted.

I’m not doing those things. I think I should. I really want to. I even planned to. But I’m not.

What I’m doing is trying to make it through the day with a little bit of sanity. I’m trying not to lose my patience and accidentally teach my tantrum-throwing toddler that advent is actually about time-outs. I’m trying to end a career and write an e-book and write a real book and make dinner andparent intentionally and throw some husband time and Jesus time in there somewhere.

I just can’t do all of the amazing things that everyone else is doing too.

All those things I think I should be doing, often bring me to the cross,

but not in the “forgive me” sort of way.

More in the “why do you expect so much of me?!?!?!” sort of way.

But the cross is where He whispers to me the truth. That He doesn’t expect me to do it all. And He definitely doesn’t expect me to do what everyone else is doing.

He expects me to love my family.

Love my neighbor. Love Him with my whole heart.



That I can do.

So, thus far this Christmas season, my offering is a pathetic bag of dry sugar cookies, and a family grateful for a sane momma.

I’m gonna love my family and spend time with my Jesus and bake for my mailman, because that I can do.

Do what you can, friends. And don’t feel bad that you’re not Superwoman.

You’re not supposed to be.

You’re a child of the King who loved you so much that he left His throne to take up residence in a stinky old manger. And later on, He proved how much He loves you, time and time again, by teaching, healing, dying, rising.

For you.

You’re enough. He thinks so, and it’s best not to argue with Him.

So wrap those arms around your families this Christmas season. Reach out as you are able, and pull in someone who needs to know the love of Christ.

Do what you can. And keep your eyes on Him.


Kayse Pratt writes about faith, family, and real life over at She’s passionate about encouraging women to live authentic, joyful, intentional lives. Kayse is a compulsive baker, an addicted reader, and an over-sharer. She’d love for you to come join the community over and do some sharing of your own! You can also find her on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Instagram. I am so happy Kayse and I connected in this blog world. We have some incredibly raw and fun conversations via Facebook chat about writing and marriages and friendship and parenting. Thank you, Kayse, for your constant encouragement. Proud to know you and watch you soar.


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