Halloween Photos

Just a few photos from Halloween last week. Our neighborhood is absolutely bonkers fun on Halloween. It was a fun twist when the girls asked us to dress up. Answer: Yes. Duh.

Ron came out in this. And, I just beamed.


Seriously, love that man. Madly.


He’s so darn cute. Fred. Gracious.

He got more compliments and shout outs on the street. He had it in the closet from grad school party.


I went in my closet and pulled out an oldie but goodie. At Chick-fi-A seminar, the marketing department always went crazy with our themes. So, I’ve got options. So, a Top Gun style pilot sounded comfy and shocking.


I happened to have an astronaut suit as well – so Lis joined me in the antics.


One day, they won’t think we are funny and cool. For now, we giggle. Bat girl picked out her ensemble and Tink… well she knew what she was being about a year ago.


Our sweet neighbor and dear friend Gracie.



Also, if there is a crisis with any Darden restaurant on Halloween, no one fret. Fred has got it.





Hope you had fun too!
(And I TOTALLY understand those that do not celebrate this holiday and why. I got an email from a concerned reader last year. We do our best to keep it light and fun and don’t put them in front of crazy scary things. I do have several friends that do not celebrate it. I respect it. I get it. For now, we feel comfortable letting our girls run around with neighborhood friends and get loaded up on a sugar high. In an appropriate costume.)

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