Happy Summer Y’all!

Hey friends!

I could give you the REALLY long version of this or really short. So, I’m going short-ish. Nothing to see here. Nothing to worry about. I am just taking the opportunity to rest this summer and the blog is one place to do that.

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I don’t know how to function without Instagram in my life quite yet – so you can always find our family and our shenanigans over there. You can find updates on products over there from ABC Scripture Cards to Conversation Cups to the new Measure Me Grammy Apron.


And the occasional mom encouragement, mom fail or quote to brighten your day. So, join me over on Instagram. Some summer highlights will include:

Our family will be doing our first Disney cruise to celebrate Aunt Sandy’s 70th!


We’ll be doing a long summer break at my parent’s house – aka Camp Meese.

We’ll be sending Ella to overnight camp for the first time.

I’ll be praying, writing, reading and clarifying. Just because I CAN do things in ministry or career – doesn’t mean I should.


Enjoy your summer my friends!

I’ll be back this Fall with SUCH fun things coming up!




You’ll be hearing In This House, We Will Giggle on FOCUS ON THE FAMILY! Eek! Flying to Colorado for my first interview with them in September. I have to thank my sweet friend Lysa and all that she’s done to make this book a reality. She’s a gracious supporter of so many women. If you’re a writer or speaker – definitely check out her ministries Compel and She Speaks.

The first time I went to She Speaks, it literally changed my life. I won’t be at She Speaks this summer, but planning on next Summer.

Lastly, I need your email.

At some point this summer, I want your opinion. I want to keep blogging, if it’s helpful to your life. I don’t know if you have noticed – but there are roughly 1.5 million mom blogs. And 1.2 million are really good. So, I don’t want to just pump out content when I don’t have much time for it anyway. It’s probably time I focus this thing – since I have been know to discuss writing to tantrums to marriage to poop explosions all in one week. I have blog A.D.D. I know this.

So! Help a sister out and enter your email in the subscription box to the RIGHT. (Either one will do – there are two options.) And at some point I will get it together this summer and send you a fancy survey. And find out what matters most to you on this here blog. And if the results say “not much” – then I will kiss you and close the doors in peace. 🙂 My publisher just passed out.



That’s all for now. Much love. I am forever grateful that you keep coming here. I think you are one terrific mom. xoxo

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  1. We will look forward to seeing you back in the Fall- in whatever capacity is right for the DeFeos. Happy swimming, sunshine and seashells.

  2. I absolutely love your blog and read all that you write!! I encourage you to continue and appreciate the honesty in each one of them…Loving your book and doing it with the kiddos and you know I got tons of conversation cups and used them at a dinner party just the other night 🙂 Yes, super fan right here so my vote would be to write about what God lays on your heart at that time and most of the time it’s what we are all going through and motivates all moms!! Reach out to me if you want some disney tips as we took our first one last Thanksgiving and loved it~Would be glad to share some advice for travel 🙂

  3. Was so happy to see your post in my inbox. Have missed your blog posts so much. I too am a big fan and will be praying for what your next steps will be. Enjoy your precious family and all that this summer will bring. Many blessings!

  4. Have an awesome summer of rest and fun. I will continue cheering for you and what God wants in your life!

  5. have a great summer! Hope it is a great time of refreshment for you and your family. I’d love to see the blog keep going in whatever capacity is right for you and your family. It definitely touches my life.

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