Help Is On The Way! Mark Your Calendar!

I am so excited …and a touch nervous. This idea could be a disaster – but I’ve always been willing to take a risk. Let me know if your resonate with this…

– Definitely breast feed exclusively.

– Ah, it’s fine – do whatever feels right – formula is fine.

– You can’t hurt them the first two months – you just hold them, rock them – enjoy every moment.

– It is really important to get a routine for them from the time they are little, let them learn to fall asleep in their cribs.

-Whining – all kids do it. Just ignore them.

-Whining – you need to nip that. Have a consequence right away and address it.


Are you with me? So much conflicting advice!

HOLY moly parenting is so confusing and everywhere you turn there is a different answer. From the time mine were babies and even now – some days I just want SOMEONE to tell me THE WAY and I’ll do it. Just fix the problem.

And as you probably are all discovering, there isn’t A WAY, THE WAY. I read so many parenting books and I remember one night crying so hard in the night and looking over at my Bible. I had forgotten to even ask God what he thought about the issue. He actually does care about feeding and discipline issues. He can give us wisdom.

So, whether you are in the throes of baby issues, toddler problems or elementary days or even beyond – just know I care. And my kids ARE NOT PERFECT. My girls are fighting and frankly I am not handling the way I’d like. So much of what is happening is normal – they are being kids.

And unfortunately so much isn’t about their behavior, it’s about how I’m handling it. I can help them make a turn for the better. Our homes can be enjoyable. We can gain control. I forget this and when I do regain control, I am reminded the work is worth it.

So, I reach out for help.

I ask God for guidance.

I ask friends I trust and respect for tips.

And there are two women I trust… and I’m sharing them with you.


They are not THE WAY… and they don’t know everything but they sure have helped our family. My heart is that you might get unstuck or encouraged or find a quick answer to problem at home.


help me tara c


Up first we will have Tara Concelman on Tuesday! I will explain write more on Tuesday – about how she has helped our family and how this series will work. Here is her site if you want to get to know her more. If you are local (Orlando) – sign up for her free class.

Mark your calendar , Tuesday, August 5 from 8-10 pm EST and get ready to chat on my site in the comments section and on Facebook. #helpmetarac. You will get to ask questions directly with Tara that night!

We’ll do it again next month – first Tuesday.



ask izzy

Then, sweet Lindsey is joining us the Wednesday, August 6. She has answered several questions already in a post and will be available that night as well for some Q&A time as well  (8-10 EST) on my site and Facebook.#askizzy

If you missed my first post about Izzy, start here.

We’ll do her session again next month – First Wednesday.


Please feel free to chime in your advice (in the most respectful, kind way) –  if you have thoughts on how a person could solve their issue. I am not interested in heated debates on this site. I’ll delete those types of comments in one flat second.

Thanks for trying something new!


I’ll be on vacation this week and TRYING to unplug (wish me luck). I’m writing these ahead of time so I can do just that. I’ll have Heidi (new virtual assistant) and Lindsey monitoring things. Have fun!

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