Our Heritage of Faith: An Idea For Generations

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My brother is the baby of our family (nine years younger than me). It has been clear from a young age – that Drew is wise beyond his years. I’m talking biblically wise, not so much street-smart-wise (Uh, anyone see my keys?)


His spiritual maturity and ability to hear from the Holy Spirit so clearly is astounding. He is incredibly in tune with the Lord not by favor, but by practice and time. Since high school, Drew has been earnestly reaching, yearning, listening, sitting, reading, studying and it shows.


I call him often to for prayer or to ask question. Knowing we serve and love the same God. Knowing I can pray too. I just treasure His wisdom.


When I was writing the book, Drew and I were bouncing around the virtue of faith. And how we can teach that to our kids in a really practical way. I told him I wanted that “activity” for the month to be something that made a difference for generations. In that discussion, he said,

Caroline and I really want our stories of faith to become our kids’ bedtime stories.”


And that stopped me in my tracks. What a powerful idea! It was not just a killer chapter activity – but a very meaningful idea for our families! For generations. He was on to something.


He went on to explain that he and Caroline had intended to have a journal where to record when and where God has shown up in the lives of their family and keep it for their kids. So that when (not if) their kids are struggling or doubt His presence, they can read together and be reminded He has always provided. He has always been there. He has always been faithful. Together, they could read from it like a storybook. They would plan to read the Bible too and certainly share stories about faithfulness, like Moses and Abraham. And just as important, share stories of our immediate family through this precious family record. Which we are now calling, Our Heritage of Faith.


So, that was it. That’s how the idea came about. Stories we were already telling verbally to our kids, but now packaged in a much more meaningful and lasting way.


But there is more! For only $19.99! I’m kidding. It’s free.


So, my book suggests how to get started with a journal and what questions to ask, and that idea was good enough.


But we need a digital version. An expanded version.

I want you to be able have a moving, living document that can be customized for your family. A journal still works, but this takes it one step further. A version of Our Heritage of Faith that can be changed and added to. You could even have photos. And send to as many people as you want! You could make it into a binder and add to it over the years. Each kid could have their own. There’s no magic formula. And if you don’t feel like figuring it out – I’ve got it all typed up in a document below.


You can send to an uncle and ask things like “How do you trust God in the midst of really hard times?”




Or, you send to their grandmother and ask about her greatest blessings from above.


Or ask Aunt Ruth what she often prays about. The options are endless!


It can be anything you want it to be!


What if we don’t have anyone in our family that believes in God?

It starts right here. Your heritage of faith starts with you, right now. You might be the first ones in your family to believe in Jesus and that is worth celebrating and documenting. Begin recording your moments together. And imagine the generations that will follow.


I am so excited about this digital version, for many reasons:

  • You can make it your own
  • You can share with others – but please link back to my site and of course don’t sell pretty please.
  • You can create one for each child
  • You can do it via email or in person – making that a really fun summer project that expands to MANY family members (aunts, cousins, grandparents). It’s like the largest family tree/ancestory project ever- but 100x more meaningful because it’s your heritage of faith.
  • You may never know – on this side of heaven how this document will encourage and serve people in your family


Because it’s DIGITAL – you can fire these bad boys all over the place. And even include a fun little note like such…

Dear Pop, 

We are making a very important keepsake for our family. It’s called “Our Heritage of Faith.” We want to remember how it all began. Why our family is blessed enough to know the love of Jesus. So, we can keep passing this good news on to our kids and their kids. There is no rush on timing. It would mean so much if you filled this out for us. You don’t have to answer all of them of course. We just want to know whatever God puts on your heart to share. Don’t feel overwhelmed. It’s only going to be around for… forever.

Love, Your Granddaughters

Enjoy the Our Heritage of Faith Journal, download two versions below.

PDF version

Word version

Please share with your friends. I truly believe this has potential to impact generations of families. Praying that very thing right now.


PS –  How did I just write this, have someone proof it and post if from an airplane somewhere between Milwaukee and Orlando. Technology is amazing. When moms get silent – things get done people.  

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  1. Courtney! What an amazing idea. I have been so blessed to be raised by a Godly loving family my whole life and I know they are going to love sharing their stories of faith. Such a wonderful gift, brought me to tears. Thank you for doing this.

  2. This is amazing!! I am a teacher and this is perfect for the summer! I am going to start sending now. What an incredible way to save the stories of Christ for our children. I am going to fill it out and send my responses to encourage my family to make one of their own with all our responses! Thank you!!

  3. so excited to start this project – but it’s not really a project but a labor of love, a lifestyle that our children will hopefully pass on to theirs without even realizing how precious a gift it is. i needed this today – it has taken me until 9:26 pm to finally read your post for the day – i’ve had it up since 9 this morning but it’s just been that kind of day. i love your quote too – “when mom’s get silent things get done” – so appropriate. love you and mean it!

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