He’s Real and Beach Baptism


You can call me Bible beater – super Christian – or Jesus freak. Whatever. I get pretty much GIDDY about this week! It’s kind of the entire deal – if he didn’t head to the cross for us and then didn’t rise up from the grave on Easter weekend – well, not much to talk about.

I really believe Jesus is real and I love nothing more than when you get to see other lives get transformed. This video moved me incredibly this weekend. It’s our campus pastor and his brother.


Measured in Stories: Confidence in Faith from Summit Church on Vimeo.


Next weekend – we are going to beach baptism for the first time and watching one of our connect group members get baptized and their daughter that is seven. You better believe I want Ella to do this. However, this is not my journey. This is hers. I want God to move in her heart and it be her journey – His timing.

Reason 987 it’s fun to live an hour from the beach.

Don’t forget to RSVP for the Good Friday Playdate by tomorrow!

And if you want an easy at-home Easter devotional, check this out!


Side Note on Experiencing God

Many of you have asked more about the book. The reason I am writing a book is not because I am an expert on anything – it’s because I’m extremely passionate about a certain topic. It’s all about “making virtues, love and laughter a daily part of your family life.”

I believe our homes are the perfect training ground to experience faith. I believe our kids want less lectures and more fun. I believe they want less perfection and more adventure in the mess. Through writing “In This House, We Will Giggle” – I have been able to share stories from my childhood home, my own home, my friends homes and then pass on passionate ideas I have gathered from all around.

Each chapter has a virtue and it’s combined with a family fun idea! You’ll also find a scripture verse, virtue definition, catch phrases, discussion questions and much more. We are not just going to tell our kids it’s important to GIVE, SERVE, LOVE, BE RESPONSIBLE, BE HUMBLE – we’re going to live it out. Together. And giggle as we go.

Way more coming  – you’ll have a chance to share and read offiical sample chapter, etc. I just wanted to give you a little more background for those asking. i appreciate your support already! Humbled.

Watching a beach baptism – is one idea in about 1 million of how you can make something UNSEEN like God – very real to your kids. When they see grown adults and other kids walk into the water and proclaim in front of thousands – they are going to follow Jesus.

They won’t forget.


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