Holiday Conversation Starters about Faith

What do conversations look like during the holidays for your family? Is it stressful? political? emotional? lively?

Every family is so different and every year is so different. Every holiday is so different.

Also, the ages of our kids is so fascinating to me. There is the stage of entertainment – where all the adults just basically sit and stare at the kids. I remember the year Ella was born – first grandchild. We just sat in a circle staring at her. 

Then, you have elementary-aged kids (like my children). They are becoming actual humans that can engage and interact. They have legit feelings and thoughts and conversations. They are forming their own opinions. They are asking A LOT of questions. They are curious. 

This might be your four-year-old and this might be your fourteen-year-old. On some days, it’s annoying – because you want to push them away and enjoy the adults. And then again – it’s awesome. You’re seeing who they are becoming. 

Here’s an idea for this holiday – let the KIDS interview the ADULTS.

This idea is in my book, In This House, We Will Giggle (Faith Chapter).  So, for some of you – this may be a repeat idea. And for some of you – this might be brand new.

Many of our kids have heard Bible stories and stories of faith over and over again. It’s sad to me – that it’s not exciting anymore on some levels. That’s it’s not shocking to hear some of the most AMAZING and LIFE-CHANGING stories that happened in our history. Bible stories. I see this in my kids all of the time.

What if we gave them new stories of faith to consider? I’m not suggesting we replace the Bible at all. But just show them – that God is still alive and working – in people that are VERY real to them. If they can’t relate to Moses, Abraham or Sarah – they certainly know much about their grandparents, aunts and uncles.

It simply looks like letting THEM go on a hunt to discover untold stories – that might stick in their hearts. Like this..

  • Ask their Pop – when did you know God was REALLY real for the first time?
  • Ask their Grammy – have you ever been disappointed in God?
  • Ask their Aunt Kerri – when was a time you wanted to give up and you really had to rely on God?
  • Ask their Uncle Drew – have you ever seen a miracle? What happened?

For some of you, this might cause anger or the urge to click off this right now – because you don’t have a family that believes the same you do – and that is OK. You get to start right now. Have your kids ask YOU this questions. Let them know this isn’t make believe or a book or rules and legalistic ideas. Some of you are the very beginning of GENERATIONS that will know God. That’s something to celebrate.

There is a God that created them. That wants to be in relationship with them. And He is real. 

For some of you – this exercise might remind you how much there is in your past – that is amazing. Even though your family wasn’t perfect – they did bring so much to your life. Gratitude might bubble up during this.

So, simply grab a journal and let them record observations and stories. 

Create a heritage of faith – not to replace the Bible – but to add to it. Stories to be passed down for generations to come.


They are worth telling. They are worth recording.

Jesus changed all of our lives with how he entered into the world. It’s hard to get our minds around that.

But my kids can get their mind around the fact that a man named Mike McClure fell in love with a girl named Mimi McClure at Auburn. And told her about Jesus. And she became a Christian. And it wasn’t really popular or received well. But they stuck together and committed a life to following Christ. And it wasn’t always easy – but they followed God. And trusted Him. And then told their kids about Him. And shared all they knew about God with them. And those kids messed up and had some bumps but ultimately found their way back home – to a life loving and serving God. And then they had kids – that’s YOU! And we are doing the same. 

So thanks Dad for how much you love God and for not letting go of Mom and for letting us know about Jesus. It’s changed our lives forever. We are so grateful.

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