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How to Host a Good Friday Playdate


I am so excited about this! This will be my first annual Good Friday Playdate and you are invited if you live in Orlando!

And, if you want to do something similar to this with your friends – it’s not too late. And, the good news is – you can make it big or small. It can be a few friends gathered at a park and a sweet time of prayer. Anything!

I believe when we gather in His name with the intention to share God’s truth with our kids – something powerful occurs. We learn from each other. We gain confidence in our ability to teach. God simply shows up.

Rachel gave me this idea in her blog post on Easter traditions.


I don’t have time to make it Pinterest-perfect. And I’m sure it will change over the years, but here is what I am thinking. I do know this, Good Friday is not passing this year without my kids being invited to the day. We will pause – we will discuss. We will sing. We will get our hands dirty. We will experience. And in all of it – they will learning something. And every time they learn, I will learn something new as well. And mine learn best about their heavenly father – when they experience HIM.


Orlando Good Friday Playdate

We are going to meet at this magical tree downtown Orlando at 4:00 pm THIS FRIDAY. If you need directions, I’m going to need you to RSVP to Info(at)LilLightOmine(dot)com. I need to be careful about just throwing it totally open. Give me some way to scope you out – that you are normal. 😉 Facebook account or Instagram or something about you.

You need to bring:

  • One dozen eggs empty
  • Bag full of spare change (we are stuffing those eggs and leaving them in the park – got idea from #40acts)
  • One small bag of candy
  • Your own snacks, water for your children (I’ll give them candy treat at the end)

I will provide:

  • Several tables and experience for you to walk your kids through the meaning of Easter – from the meaning of the Palm to the Cross to the Tomb and more
  • Chance to make tomb scene out of pots/rocks (SO REALLY NEED RSVP for supplies)
  • Blankets and story areas for you to read Jesus-centered Easter books

NOTE: I am scoping out the bathroom situation – will find us a safe, clean one in walking distance before Friday


Other Good Friday Ideas

For Toddlers: Wrap up a tiny message with a treat in an egg – what you love about a neighbor or friend and sneak it over to their front porch on Friday. Moms, host a morning playgroup to make these treats together. Or make crosses together out of popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners.

For school-age: Invite a group of friends to meet somewhere in the community to pray and worship together and do one craft after school. Marking that the day is so very important. Have them take turns reading a passage out of the Bible from the story of Easter.

For Teens: Plan a meal together – as a table of 8 guys or girls and read about the traditions and customs that were so sacred during this time. Prepare some of these foods. Each come to the table with a truth about Easter that is important to you.

I would be DELIGHTED if Good Friday Playdates broke out everywhere as annual traditions. Many of you are already doing this! So share your ideas with us!


PLEASE RSVP BY WEDNESDAY at noon with number of people (adults and kids – include ages of kids). Hope to see you! My friends – no pressure. Promise! Only if you want to come!

NOTE: If it’s not a great day for everyone – totally OK! I’ll just do something small with my girls. Just be sure to let me know – so I know which way to go!

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