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How to Wrap a Door with Love


Let’s go ahead and get a legal disclaimer out of the way. Courtney DeFeo and Lil Light O’ Mine are in no way responsible for any injuries to your home or children during the implementation of #loveemup. 🙂

Not kidding.

So, when I suggest you jump on you let your kids, jump on the bed and dance out of their minds to God’s Great Dance Floor by Chris Tomlin. Proceed with caution. Or, later this month, have them make YOU breakfast in bed. Give some toaster instructions (ella got burned. sure did).

Let’s have fun in a very safe and cautious manner party people.


Are you ready for some inspiration?

I am not a professional here. I take scrap paper, bad photography and whatever marker I can find. So, if you’re like a serious crafter or creative genius – take these idea and splash your internal fairy dust on it – make it so stinkin cute. Just search “valentine banner” on Pinterest and your head might explode with the cuteness.

Or, if you are the polar opposite…. PLEASE REST.

Rest in the fact that your kids do not care in the outcome or how Pinterest worthy it becomes. They care that their mom looked their way. Took time to specifically call out WHY she loves them. This is the POINT. Love Em Up puts intentionality behind each of our days. Not just for us – but for the kids too. It makes us think about our little moments and the people we love so much. It’s the tiny things and gestures that show love.

The entire point of #loveemup:  our kids will learn how to choose and show love when they experience it deeply.



Tomorrow is February 4.

The assignment? Just say YES.

To anything. Have they been asking for a friend over? A haircut? A dessert? For you to play catch? For a few minutes to stay up? For you to read that book? Show them you LOVE them by saying YES to something unexpected.


The NEXT day is February 5 and I’ve got some visuals for you.


The whole point of this is that our kids often don’t know WHY we love them and WHY we are proud of them. Mine asked me why just the other day.


I wrapped Ella’s door like this.


Got these handy things at Container Store (that place is better than a spa day).

Put on the back of the door – one at the top and the bottom. MAKE SURE you do it upside down so it holds the ribbon!

Used one long piece of ribbon and tied over the top of the door – so you see the knots at the back of the door. Then, simply used on-hand construction paper to write some specifics.


Then, Larson’s looks a little different. Hers will dangle down when she opens.


  • It really doesn’t matter what it looks like. Some other ideas:
  • One year I put hearts on a garland and put from bed post to bed post so they could sleep under it.
  • You could put wrapping paper over their door and write on that.
  • You could do an old school spirit banner and hang in their room – big words why you love them.
  • You could hang them from their light like a mobile. Words of affirmation dangling.

Soon… the tide will be shifting with #loveemup and they will be doing some work. Don’t fret. This whole month isn’t making them the entire center of attention. Which sometimes isn’t bad. #loveemup

Don’t forget to SHARE your photos so others can see on Instragram or Twitter. Using #loveemup


If you’re overwhelmed with all of this..then, head on back to the No Guilt Pledge and read that first. If you are new..head on back to the start and get caught up!

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  1. This is great! We started ours on feb 1 and have been doing one thing a day. Mine is left over red glittery Christmas ribbon. I drew and cut out their names and taped them on and each day do a heart with a reason we love them. My kids are 3.5 and almost 2. Just something we’re trying out. My son “wrote” one for my husband tonight while I cooked dinner. He’s watching and learning!

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