HUGE Sale! A chance to hear your kids talk


Big news. Big sale.

One of my very favorite products is only $20 right now! They are normally $30 depending on where you get them.

Conversation Cups!

Sweet Conversation Cups. Did you even know about them? I feel like they are my little lost ones – like children that you don’t even know I have. 🙂 Because my book and the ABC Scripture Cards and Virtue Cards just naturally get more air time.

The truth is – Conversation Cups were created with the SAME goal – to empower moms and change little lives through innovation in the home. I created them with the same heart and passion for your family.

I believe in the lost art of family dinner times together. Did you know there are huge positive statistics around eating dinner together as a family?


Is dinnertime a struggle at your house?

Mine too.

Do you often get there tired and ready for the day to be done?

Me too.

Are you often yearning for valuable conversation but struggling for words other than “just eat and sit down” ?

Me too.

Do you really want to know what’s on your child’s heart but sometimes get lost in the shuffle of busy days?

Me too.


These cups are so fun – because they create a tradition at any meal time. They encourage us to put the phone and stress down and look at each other. To lighten it up and just chat.

We don’t use ours at every meal – but often I grab it when my mood is rotten and I need to change the tide. Save the day. End on a happy note.


Here are some of the questions featured on the glasses:

What makes you smile?

Who do you admire?

Something we could do to change the world?

What would you invent or create?

What is a hard choice you made lately?

I am thankful for…

Share a story.

Hight Point/ Low Point

Note: I purposely did NOT feature scripture or overtly spiritual questions so you could give these to all of your friends that are not Christians. Many questions would lead the discussion that way – but I’m wanting these to include all for a reason.


Ron doing his Zoolander in photo shoot. We do not have teens, but teens love the cups.

Give as Gifts

The NORMAL price of the glass cups is $30 (plus shipping) for set of 4. The SALE price is $20! I have been splitting my boxes up lately and giving as FOUR individual gifts. So that’s basically a $5 gift for 4 people if you split them up. Get them here.

We have found that it’s fun for a child to be the “one” with the cup on certain nights and they are the question asker. You can give to a team leader, teacher, small group leader or coach for any group meeting.


One of the biggest gifts? I love to hear what is on my family’s heart! My kids open up and I get to hear the very best of them. Their answers always blow me away and affirm that God is working in their life. And! I love hearing Ron’s answer. We don’t often stop to hear from dad. And what a gift for our girls to know him better during the few hours we have each night after work.


Note. This is not our house. Thank you Dusty for the photo shoot location a couple years ago. And I normally don’t shower, sit up straight or smile at dinner.


Each set comes with 4 identical, 16 oz glasses. They are glass because they are a special keepsake product for children old enough to read and above. It is preferable that you hand wash them for best care. They come in a great box ready to give to any friend or family. They are on sale right now – not because they are broken – because the manufacturer is simply moving product and making room in the warehouse. So jump on it – this won’t last long.

Price? The NORMAL price of the glass cups is $30 (plus shipping) for set of 4. The SALE price is half off $20 + shipping. Get sale cups here.

Conversation Cups Sale: $20 for 4 glasses (plus shipping)! CLICK HERE!


NOTE ON QUANTITY – we have about 19 sets in inventory. Once those are gone, we can get more at this price for another few weeks then the price will go back up. If we run out and you are still interested, please email your quantity and interest to courtney@courtneydefeo.com and we’ll make sure we get enough sent to the warehouse and keep you posted when they are back in stock.

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