I Believe He Shows Up

Hey guys! I have so much to tell you. Processing so much.

There’s a lot of struggle, but I’m focusing on the exciting and happy stuff. 🙂

We got to Orlando on Sunday and moved into our house on Wednesday.

Here is a bulleted quick list of what’s happening because I am flat beat.

We are beyond thrilled with our home and this town.


God is blowing our minds. He is all over this move.

He keeps bringing in the coolest, sweetest people.

My kids are acting like absolute animals!!!

I should drop everything and call Super Nanny or act like her,

but I’m too focused on unpacking boxes and staring at walls.

My parents are here and the hardest working people I know.


Seriously, my dad just takes out lighting fixtures and moves

them around like’s it’s nothing. Amazing.

I’m emotionally great.

Meltdown prior to leaving after saying goodbye to the BFFs – reality hit.


The little sisters and best friends as well

Mother-in-law and mother snapped me out of it. Had to be strong for girls.


Had the perfect calm morning to drive away from our home with drama-free sister and nephew.


Stopped halfway in Valdosta for a night for a SUPER FUN

visit with high school bud Julie.

Don’t you love true friends like that?

You pick up after 20 years or so and there are no points? no score?

You just hug and act like time never passed. Ah, we should all strive to be easy, non-draining friends like Jules.


These are her three boys and her sister’s two girls.

Both been so supportive of Lil Light O’ Mine. THANK YOU!!!


Her family and house was edible.

I almost stole her oldest FORD who PRAYED for me that night that I would make a new friend.

(And, of course, God answered his prayers. I did the next day.)

I judged Orlando and Florida. It rules and the people are AMAZING!!!


So blown away by the kindness and sincerity and my neighbors.

Orchid showed up by neighbor and Lil Light O’ Mine fan. So sweet!


Ron loving his job and his commute is not so bad.

I have a fierce cold and haven’t slept in weeks.

I am covered in black spray paint from my whicker chairs (once coral)

and my urns (kindly left by previous owners).

Still haven’t found my ferns. Are those summer only? I’m so clueless.


Did I mention I am so in love with my house and so grateful?

We have no deadlines and nowhere to be and I love it.

We can just stop for yogurt downtown in our neighborhood.

And that feels glorious.


The girls are so happy and so love our home.

Kids are EVERYWHERE in this community.

Exactly why we bought in here.


And, we had our first visitor (outside of Meese & Pop), Blaker!

Husband of Kelli was in town for conference and came for dinner.

Another sign of a dear friend.

When your kids can jump in arms and hug and giggle with another dad.


In all of this, I believe GOD SHOWS UP.

I am experiencing that.

We stepped out on faith. We knew He wanted us to go.

Already! This week. I can’t tell you the number of times/moments we have just known there are little things and gifts from above. A babysitter in the house behind us. A next door neighbor that just happens to be the sister of someone pretty neat. Crying with a mom in the school office and an instant friend and connection. I believe He shows up and I encourage anyone that is on the cusp of anything scary to go for it if He is saying YES. I am not an idiot. I know there will be times of struggles ahead and tears. However, I just know He’s going to keep showing up in moments to surprise us and delight us. I walked home from a neighborhood party last night with my family and almost had to pinch myself. Walked into my house that I can’t believe I own and cried with my mom. I thought “I could’ve missed all of this if I was too scared” and “is this really my life?” Thank you LORD for leading me out of my comfort zone and giving me the courage to share on here even if it just helps on person in any way. A new job – a new direction – a new town – whatever the circumstance. Following Him is a great thing for a family to experience.


for all your kind wishes, prayers, emails, texts, facebook messages.

I am so blown away by all of the support.

Psalm 118:24

New International Version (NIV)

24 The LORD has done it this very day;
let us rejoice today and be glad.

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